Blogging is fun, but it gets more interesting when you start generating an income from it. One of the ways to make money with your blog is by selling a course.

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Make money by selling a course from your blog.
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Choose Your Topic

The key thing to remember is that your course needs to relate to your blog. There’s no point in developing a course about knitting if your blog is about car customization.

Readers come to your blog to seek information about a particular topic, so the course should provide in-depth information about your blog’s topic.

Your course should answer a question your readers want to know. The duration of the course isn’t as important as the knowledge it provides.

Avoid fluff and get to the point. There’s nothing more annoying than a prolonged introduction about the topic. Introduce the topic by getting into the nitty-gritty.

Select The Right Price

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Pricing your course is just as important as filling it with valuable material.
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There’s no point in producing incredible course content if nobody will buy it because the price is too high.

A hefty price will deter most consumers, but so will a price that’s too low. You don’t want to undermine your course by pricing it too low.

Some people will feel that your course is cheap because it doesn’t offer insightful information. You need to strike the right balance.

One of the best ways to find the right price is to look at your competition. See how much somebody in your niche is charging.

You must consider their expertise level compared to yours, as well as their following.

Advertise Your Course

You can have the best product in the world, but it won’t sell if nobody knows about it. Now that you’ve driven traffic to your blog, make it known to your reader.

If readers have extracted useful information from your free content, they’ll want more. Make them aware of it by attaching a link to it in your articles.

Have a pop-up box to gather emails so you can offer it to your subscribers at a discount.

Have a banner on the side of your content that advertises the course. Write a guest post on a blog that attracts a lot of traffic in exchange for attaching a link to your course.

There are many avenues to explore, but make sure you get the word out.

Avoid Friction

Nothing puts customers off more than being prevented from making a purchase. Lengthy queues deter customers from waiting in line.

Too many clicks and long registrations put customers off from purchasing online. That’s called friction.

Make it easy for your customers to purchase the course. Have a simple sign-up and a delivery method. Most bloggers offer access to online courses.

If you’re going to deliver the course via DVD, ensure that your courier service delivers promptly. Customers don’t enjoy waiting a long time for their products.

Make sure you practice your course so that the delivery is good. People are more likely to take your information seriously if you present well.

You’ll also need good recording and audio equipment to ensure your course looks professional.