If you’re an author, you want to have as much control of the sale of your books as possible. Sure, Amazon is a great platform, but even they have their issues.

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Your blog is one of the best places to sell your books.
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Instead, consider making money by selling your books on your blog. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Build A Database

Having recurring customers is important if you’re an author of many books. One of your books might sell well on Amazon. But there’s a problem. You cannot get your customer’s contact information.

The best way to have recurring customers and control of the sale of your books is to sell books from your blog.

Drive traffic to your blog. Then include a link in your articles to the section of your blog where the book is available.

As customers buy your books, collect their contact information. This allows you to contact them again to advertise the next one.

If readers don’t buy your book, have a pop-up box to collect their information, anyway. That way, you can contact them later to offer a discount or to remind them about your book.

Offer An Incentive

You need to make the book appealing in order for readers to buy them from your blog. If you’re an established author, this is much easier.

Aspiring authors have to offer an incentive for readers to sell books. You can also do this on your blog.

An example of an incentive would to give the first book of your series for free.

It sounds crazy to give a book for free since you’ve spent so much time and money to publish it. But look at the big picture.

Giving a book away for free is an opportunity to introduce them to other books that you’re charging. If they like your free book, they will most likely pay for the others.

Another example is to offer two books for the price of one or a discount.

You could also give away a video course if readers buy your book.

Whatever strategy you deploy, incentivize readers to buy your book if you want to make money.

Bonus: Making Money by Selling Books from Your Blog

Offering your book on your blog enables you to advertise and make money from other products that you offer.

If your book is about mechanical repair, you might also offer tools on your blog. Even if your readers don’t buy your books, they might buy the tools.

You want to have as much control of the sale of your books as possible to optimize sales.

Other platforms might bury your books and make it difficult for customers to find.

You could have a banner on the side of your blog page, prompting readers to check out your book. You dictate the exposure.

The other benefit is that you keep all the profits. Some platforms charge a fee, while others take a commission of your sales.

You’re responsible for the delivery of the books you sell. This means you need to choose a courier who delivers promptly.

Whatever your books are about, make sure you use your blogs as the platform to sell them.