Mix is a new “personalized discovery platform” that allows users to find articles across the internet based on their interests. Here’s how to use Mix to promote your blog.

A graphic that shows a chain between three phones to a laptop to three different app symbols, demonstrating how Mix can distribute articles all over the place.
Mix is a new platform that connects viewers to articles based on their interests.
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About the Mix Platform

Mix is a new “personalized discovery platform” that allows users to find articles across the internet about their own interests. According to the platform’s creators, Mix will enable people to experience “without the clutter.”

Mix users can select specific interests ranging from art to politics, cooking, and housekeeping, to name a few. The platform will provide them with articles from all over the internet that match these interests. After finding these articles, Mix users can follow each other to see what other users are reading.

Another feature of the platform is that it allows users to “mix” their own articles, or articles they like so that these articles will appear on their page. If you’re starting a blog and trying to promote your own blog posts, this can be an excellent way to start.

How to Use the Mix Platform

A graphic that shows a laptop connected to a globe and vice versa. Shows the global reach that Mix can achieve.
Mix shows you articles from all over the world.
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If you’re interested in promoting your blog on Mix, you’ll need to get the Chrome extension for the platform.

To “mix” one of your blog posts, go to your blog and open the article you want to share on Mix. Once you’re there, click on the Chrome extension. A window will pop up in the upper right corner of the screen. Click the button to mix your blog post.

Once you mix that blog post, it’ll appear on your Mix profile. People who follow you on Mix will see those posts, which can help you get more viewership.

How to Use Collections on the Mix Platform

Another way to get more coverage on the Mix platform is to create collections. Mix users can follow unique collections based on their interests.

You can create a collection using the Mix extension. Go to an article you want to mix, open the extension, and search for the title you want to give your collection. You should be able to make a new collection this way.

Using Mix collections is a wonderful way to make sure people see several of your posts at once. It’s also a way to ensure that your posts will reach people interested in your niche, which will increase your readership.

Mix is an impressive way to find new and exciting content from all over the internet, and it’s also a great way to promote your own blog online. Try getting the Mix extension on Chrome to get your blog out into the Mix!