One way that bloggers drive traffic to their blog is by getting many backlinks. But why are backlinks so important for blog traffic?

backlinks traffic blog
Importance of Backlinks for Traffic to Your Blog.
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The Importance of Backlinks

Simply stated, backlinks are links to your blog found on other people’s websites. Their intention is to direct people to your blog.

One of the principal reasons that backlinks are important is SEO.

Search engines such as Google attribute more credit to websites that have a large number of backlinks. If you want to rank high on Google, one of the ways is to have many backlinks to your blog.

Think of them as references. If you’re applying for a job, having lots of good references help your potential employer to regard you as a great candidate.

That’s exactly how Google sees blogs with many backlinks. Google’s algorithm places a lot of weight on blogs with numerous backlinks.

It’s like Google collecting references for your blog. The more you have, the better you will rank.

Why Care About Backlinks?

Google’s algorithm values links to determine a site’s popularity.

Although having many backlinks is important to rank well, the algorithm also determines the value of your website based on the ranking of the website where your backlink is found.

If your backlink is found on a website such as Huffington Post, which is a high-rank website, the algorithm will view the Huff Post to be more important than a backlink found on a forum.

It’s not only important to get backlinks, but also to get them from high-authority websites.

backlinks traffic blog
Build backlinks, but don’t rush into it.
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There are numerous ways to build backlinks. An important point to note is that you shouldn’t rush in building backlinks.

Google’s algorithm can spot this and it will seem as if you were conducting unethical link building practices.

Be careful how you approach link building. The best way is to create great content so that other bloggers link to your website.

Trying to opt for manipulative ways of link building could result in Googling penalizing your website.