Looking to start your very own art blog? Check out some of these brilliant artists, learn from the experts, and get inspired.

Starting a new art blog? It might help to take a few hints from these seasoned artists.
Starting a new art blog? It might help to take a few hints from these seasoned artists.
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Starting and managing an art blog can be difficult. A blog can be a great way for an artist to publicize their work and find a new audience. But being a great artist doesn’t always mean you’ll be a great blogger.

For those of us who aren’t very tech-savvy or social, the internet can be a confusing place. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, it might help to check out some bloggers who know what they’re doing.

Moore’s Art Gallery

Moore’s Art Gallery is the art blog of Carol Moore, an Oregon-based artist and web designer. Moore uses her art blog to promote her career as a freelance artist and a designer. Her blog contains samples of her work and updates on her works in progress.

It also contains several resources for aspiring artists, including tutorials, book recommendations, and supplier sources. What stands out the most, however, is the beautiful and professional design of the blog.

Moore’s Art Gallery is a good example of an art blog whose creator put their skills as an artist to use in its creation. If you’re planning on starting an art blog, but you feel intimidated by the prospect of setting up a blog, consider this: a well-designed blog can be an art project.

If you put your creativity to use, as you would for any project, and you can make a beautiful art blog that will show off your skills as an artist.

Erika Lancaster’s Art Blog

Erika Lancaster is an artist and an art tutor who lives in Mexico. Her art blog is a bright and welcoming space, full of vibrant watercolors and Matisse quotes. In addition, Lancaster uses her blog as a platform for her art lessons.

Her art blog is an excellent resource for any up-and-coming artist, encouraging advice and links to art tutorials on Lancaster’s YouTube page. If you’re looking to improve yourself as an artist, Lancaster’s art blog is an excellent place to start.

In addition, the blog exemplifies a useful tactic for art bloggers: share what you know. People love to look at art, but allowing them to see how it’s made will let them feel involved. If you can give advice or make tutorials, you’ll also be able to establish your own credibility as an experienced artist.

Intimate Ecology

Peter Ward’s art blog is a bit of a strange place. The “environmental artist” displays beautiful, eerie photos on his blog. These photos are captioned with short, often bleak poems.

Ward’s art blog is a good example of an artist using two very different mediums to enhance each other. The artist uses painting, photography and poetry to tell stories, all on the same blog. In addition, any artist who wants to start an art blog, but suffers from impostor syndrome might benefit from a look at Ward’s art blog.

Ward’s projects have an uninhibited weirdness about them that is both refreshing for the viewer and reassuring for any artist who’s worried about what people will think.

Which of these art blogs are you going to check out first?
Which of these art blogs are you going to check out first?
Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash

If you’re a new artist trying your hand at creating an art blog, give these three art blogs a visit. You might learn something new about art or blogging! Which of these art blogs are you going to check out first?