Let’s go back to the early days of blogging. From humble beginnings, to going global. Follow me through this brief history of blogs.

The Beginnings of the blog, and how it went global
Humble beginnings to going global.
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Humble Beginnings

It’s widely agreed that Links.net was the first blog. A student named Justin Hall created it in 1994. It was just a homepage. A place for a student to write.

The term blog didn’t exist until 1997. Web log was the term used. Jorn Barger is said to have coined it. His blog, Robot Wisdom was the first to be known as a Web log.

Web log was shortened to blog in 1999. Programmer Peter Merholz can be thanked for that.

Blogs had a humble beginning. A few newscasters were blogging. Different sites were floating around. It wasn’t global. Very few people had blogs. While more didn’t know what they were.

Then in 1999 Blogger was created. It wouldn’t take off right away. It would, however, take off. Blogger took blogs global. It brought them to the mainstream.

Going Global

Just over 20 blogs existed at the end of the century. You read that right. 20 blogs. By the mid-2000s there would be over 50 million.

You could say there was a boom. Blogging went global. People liked it. People wanted a blog of their own.

At the beginning of the global boom, blogs were political. People were tired of mainstream media. They felt the truth was being lost. They had opinions. Now they had a platform.

WordPress was started. Vlogs began before YouTube. People were starting to make money. Blogs about blogging as a career also skyrocketed.

The early innovators would make a fortune. Media companies would start hiring bloggers. There was now some serious money to be made.

New Beginnings, Mean Changes For Blogs

This was before the social media boom. The blogosphere was just blogs and vlogs. People communicated through blogs. They were the only form of online communication.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others would come along. Blogs would change. They would need to adapt.

New beginnings, and another global boom were imminent. People would use these platforms to blog. Online conversations would change. Opinion pieces would change.

But as you can see, blogs are still here. They’re still vital. They’re still important because the blogosphere is adaptable.

There are more blogging positions now than before. Opportunities are everywhere.

It’s a global enterprise. You can blog for companies from home. You can do it from anywhere.

There’s a bright future for blogging. Many innovators are to thank for that.

from humble beginnings to global. Blogging is important.
Since the beginning the future’s been bright.
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