An important part of being a blog writer is producing content consistently. Here’s how building a writing routine will help you create content more easily.

How to harness the power of a good writing routine to increase your productivity.
How to harness the power of a good writing routine to increase your productivity.
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Many writers will testify that building a routine is an important part of writing. Others may argue that it’s not possible to force writing, that inspiration comes only once in a while – but most of those writers aren’t very prolific. Besides, blogging requires us to keep writing consistently and quickly. We don’t always get to wait until inspiration strikes.

Writing is a skill like anything else. It gets easier with time, a good structured routine and above all, practice. Here are a few secrets of psychology to help you harness the power of routine while blogging.

Routine and Structure Can Encourage the Flow State

Flow is a psychological concept defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow occurs when you’re doing something you enjoy with just the right amount of challenge. In the flow state, you’re happy, focused, and productive. I discussed flow in greater detail, along with its applications to blogging, in a previous blog post.

Another thing that can encourage flow in writing is a good writing routine. Some people feel that routine stifles creativity and happiness, especially in writing, but this isn’t true. Having a routine simplifies things and frees our minds to take care of the task at hand. Plus, making the task simpler and more straightforward helps trigger the flow state.

The flow state can help to establish a writing routine.
The flow state can help to establish a writing routine.
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Stimulation Levels

Another part of finding flow in writing is finding your proper stimulation threshold. Your surroundings determine your stimulation levels – the lights, the music you’re playing, any distractions around you – and the difficulty of the task. Part of developing a good writing routine is finding the stimulation level that works for you.

Low stimulation levels are best for inducing flow with complex tasks. High stimulation is good for straightforward tasks. But everyone has different thresholds for how much stimulation they need and/or can tolerate. If you find your sweet spot and stick to it, writing can become a lot easier.

Associations Are A Powerful Tool

The associations we make have a lot more power than we realize. The right words can sway us in an argument. Certain colors or fonts can trigger different emotional states. And our surroundings can determine how productive we are.

If you associate certain events or stimuli with writing, like the time of day, or the cup of coffee you had before starting, or your special notebook, your brain will understand it’s time to focus. Having a structured routine will help you take advantage of these associations to increase your own productivity while writing.

Blog writers have to be prolific, and this isn’t always easy to do. Find a writing routine that works for you and stick to it to increase both your productivity and output of blog posts.