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5 Places to Find Royalty Free Pictures

Finding royalty-free pictures for your blog can be difficult when you need to watch out for licensing. The last thing your blog needs is a lawsuit. Here are 5 places you can rest easy with royalty-free pictures. 

Courtney Moore

When you’re blogging, it’s important to use royalty-free images. By using images that have no copyright attached to them, you avoid loads of legal trouble, and can find some amazing images for free! Just make sure to credit the photographer when you use the picture. Read all about the best royalty-free sites to use in Courtney’s article!

Anti-Procrastination Strategies for Blog Writers

We’ve all wasted quite a bit of time in our lives because of procrastination. If you’re a blogger and can’t stop wasting time when you should be writing, here are a few ways to fix it.

Keira Charles

I’m ashamed to say that writing this article alone has ignited my tendency to procrastinate. Have I learned nothing from reading Keira’s article?! Take a look to learn some of the best ways to avoid procrastination and finish your writing sooner rather than later.

Ten Tabs Open: How to Blog Effectively With ADHD

If you’re a writer with ADHD, blogging is an excellent opportunity to write on your terms. The only problem is that blogging is troublesome for the ADHD brain. Here are a few problems you’ll run into and how to deal with them.

Keira Charles

Keira gives excellent insight into what it feels like to be a blogger with ADHD. Writing with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can be difficult if you don’t have the proper amount of stimulation. Characteristically, those with ADHD are “easy to bore” so make sure you keep on some lyric-free music to help maintain focus on your writing. Learn even more about blogging with ADHD in the article!

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