Top 3 Blog Articles of the Week: July 19

Whether you’re keeping cool inside or having some fun in the sun, the Blog section has an article suited to everyone! Here are my top 3 picks for the Blog section this week.

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Conquering Social Anxiety on the Internet

Blogging is a great way to share your writing with the world, but not all writers can get used to the social aspect of it. Here are some tips for conquering your inner wallflower on the internet.

Keira Charles

It’s funny to think you can be shy through a computer, but it’s true! This kind of fear and anxiety can keep us from putting ourselves out there, especially when sharing our writing. Our writings are precious to us and putting them into the public eye can be scary. Take a look at Keira’s article to get some great tips on how to overcome this scary feeling.

4 Tips on How to Return to Blogging After A Hiatus

Whether you’ve taken a few weeks or months off, it’s time for your blogging hiatus to end. Your return will require motivation, inspiration, goals, and more. 

Caitlyn Kithcart

Everyone needs a vacation – including bloggers! Most of the time, we come back from our vacations feeling relaxed and ready to tackle the next assignment ahead of us. But what about when we come back and feel like we’ve run into a wall? Caitlyn covers all of this in her comprehensive article about how we can make a triumphant return to blogging after a hiatus.

The History of World Emoji Day and How to Celebrate

Emojis have worked their way into our hearts. It’s only right we give them a day to celebrate. Let’s dig into this World Emoji Day and the history of emojis.

Courtney Moore

I don’t know about you, but my life has definitely improved since the introduction of emojis! 😃 But what I didn’t know is July 17 is World Emoji Day! If you’re curious about how this awesome holiday started, check out Courtney’s in-depth article that covers its origin! 😜

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