Every week just gets better and better at Blog Aroono! With even more content, this week brought us even more content to choose from. Here are my top 3 article picks for last week.

Top 3 Blog Articles of the Week: June 7
Top 3 Blog Articles of the Week: June 7
Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Blogging Layout: Aiming For White Space by Courtney Moore

Would you rather visit a wall-to-wall page of words, or a page scattered with white space? The choice is simple. Your audience will respond better to white space.

Courtney couldn’t stop creating great content if she tried. This article teaches you the importance and benefits of using white space in your blog. In a digital space where content is king, this article reminds you that the space surrounding your content is equally important.

4 Great Writing Blogs (And What They’re Doing Right) by Keira Charles

Being good at writing books doesn’t always translate to being good at writing blog posts. If this sort of writing doesn’t come naturally to you, it helps to have some guidance.

This is an awesome article. Keira not only recommends writing blogs, but she tells you exactly why you need to check them out. This article is the perfect read for any writer or blogger who is in need of writing advice.

5 Steps For Improving SEO In Your Blog Posts by Wilson Jena

Imagine having 80% of your blog’s traffic come from search engines. Just by improving your SEO.

Wilson’s article is not only great, but incredibly helpful. SEO is a huge part of blogging, and this article helps you improve your SEO practices. Expect to learn a lot from this article. It’s a great read for bloggers of any stage. If you follow the tips offered in this article, you’ll have your site ranking higher in search engines in no time.

Which one of these top 3 articles was your favorite?