Whether you’re looking to blog for fun or for profit, blog traffic is important. You can improve traffic by implementing a variety of different SEO practices.

blog traffic
Improve your blog traffic with SEO practices.
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#1 Length of blog post improves traffic

Longer blog posts (over 300 words) perform better in website ranking. The more time and words you put into your post, the better informed you appear to readers.

Blog posts with a higher word count also have more knowledge and facts to help educate your audience. Try to aim for only 600 words per post.

Don’t ramble or include any unnecessary information. Split up your writing with headlines and images. Now, you’re on your way to more blog traffic.

#2 Use social media to spread your message

blog traffic
Social media can help increase blog traffic.
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Social media is a powerful tool for increasing blog traffic. You can improve traffic by advertising your blog and posts on social media.

Consider having your blog posts show up on your various social media profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.).

These are free marketing tools that will help draw in a unique audience to your blog. Plus, social media is a brilliant way to interact with your readers.

#3 Keyword Research

Keyword research involves finding out what specific words will improve traffic to your blog. Certain words or phrases will make more sense based on the blog you have.

You can use an online tool like Ahrefs to help you see which keyword are trending right now. Using these words throughout your post will lead to more blog traffic.

Implementing keywords into your writing and site structure is an excellent SEO practice to implement. This will help improve your site’s ranking in search results.

The higher your search ranking, the more visitors your blog attracts.

#4 Backlinks

Backlinking means having other websites link to your blog. This SEO practice leads improved traffic numbers for your blog.

Having other relevant and reputable sites link back to your blog will increase your online footprint. This will lead to more blog traffic.

Get other sites to link to your blog, by reaching out to them. You can offer to return the favor to them. Another option is to hire someone with experience to create backlinks for you.

#5 E-Newsletter

blog traffic
An E-newsletter can help with blog traffic and audience engagement.
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Sending out a monthly online newsletter out to your readers is helpful free marketing tool. This creates reader engagement and updates your audience on your blog .

Your readers can also take the time to forward your newsletter to friends, family members, or colleagues. This spreading around of your newsletter can improve blog traffic and site ranking.

Even better, a newsletter helps to create a genuine connection between you and your audience.

These 5 SEO practices will help tremendously when you’re looking to improve traffic to your blog.