If you’re just starting out as a blogger, welcome! The blogging community is inviting and helpful. As such, here are some important blogging tips you need to know.

blogging tips
Blogging tips for beginners.
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#1 Be Authentic

This is the only way to enjoy blogging and be successful at it. As beginner bloggers, it’s important to be yourself. An authentic blog and writer is far more attractive to readers.

Plus, authenticity will look good for advertising and marketing on your blog. Be yourself. Write about things you’re passionate about.

#2 Audience Engagement+Interaction

Building a loyal following is another important part of blogging. You need to know your audience. Write with them in mind. Interact with them in the comment section of your blog.

Set up an e-mail list or newsletter to engage with your readers. Ask them for feedback. Implement changes based on this feedback.

#3 Blogging Schedule

blogging tips
Blogging tips for beginning bloggers: Be consistent.
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The best piece of blogging advice for beginning blogger is this: blog often. You can’t really blog too much. You can, however, blog too little.

Find a blogging schedule that works for you and your busy life. Posting 1-3 times per week is a good place to start.

Be consistent. This will allow your site to grow and attract new readers. Consistency also helps keep your writing and editing skills sharp.

#4 Be Patient

Patience is key when just starting out. Your traffic won’t grow right away, or attract thousands of readers.

But as long as you’re putting out quality content consistently, your blog will grow.

Take any blogging advice you can from other veteran bloggers and writers.

#5 Focus on Your Headlines

This is among the most underutilized of all blogging tips out there. Your blog headlines represent your readers first impression of your blog. Make your headlines short, punch, and factual.

Don’t mislead your readers with flashy headlines. Draw then in with factual attention grabbing headlines.

Be creative with your headlines. Make them true to your theme and blog topic.

#6. External Links

By putting multiple external links in your blog post, you make your blog more relevant. This SEO practice helps your content rank higher in the search results.

External links are also an excellent way to show your readers you do your research. You are knowledgeable. You get your information from trusted sources.

External linking can lead to advertisement and marketing opportunities for your blog too.

blogging tips
Blogging tips for new bloggers looking for blogging advice
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For those looking for more information on blogging for beginner or general blog advice, do your research.

Find blogging tips online that will help you raise your traffic and put your blog on the map.