New to WordPress? Gain some insight and knowledge about this blog conglomerate by attending a WordCamp – a locally organized workshop for all WordPress creatives.

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WordCamps can be a great way to network and expand your WordPress skills.
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Despite its formal name, WordPress WordCamps are anything but formal! WordPress creators host WordCamps all around the world to improve the WordPress abilities of everyone involved. WordCamps are casual gatherings of local WordPress talent to discuss all things WordPress.

Everyone is welcome to join in WordCamps for a small participation fee. This fee is generally under $40 for a 2-day in-person camp. However, most WordCamps have been rescheduled and reworked to be online due to COVID-19.

There is a large turnout for WordCamps, from newbie bloggers to WordPress professionals alike. Any WordPress creator is welcome to attend a WordCamp. This means that designers, developers, writers – literally anyone who uses WordPress – can attend the camp and leave with newfound knowledge about the platform!

Like any other conference, WordCamps are full of a multitude of different activities and panels. There are live Question-and-Answers (Q&A’s), Panels, Live Demonstrations, Workshops, and Lectures – just to name a few! However, WordCamps are meant to be small scale due to their locally organized nature.

A man stands in front of a crowd giving a presentation at a WordPress WordCamp
WordPress users from all fields and backgrounds gather at WordCamps!
Image by Rob Bertolf on Flickr

The first WordCamp took place in 2006 in San Francisco, hosted by Matt Mullenweg. Since its origination, WordCamps have found new host locations all over the world. Plus, because of their local nature, they focus on showcasing local talent foremost. This means they don’t rely on big-name WordPress speakers because they want to let local talent shine, although they welcome the occasional guest speaker.

When you log into WordPress, it should keep you updated on WordCamps in your local area. My WordPress Dashboard always tells me about the most recent WordPress events and news, which helps me keep up to date. It turns out there will be a virtual WordCamp for Asheville, NC – not too far from me at all!

Oh, and the best part about WordCamps? WordPress uploads highlights and behind-the-scenes videos to, so even if you miss a WordCamp, you can still enjoy their presentations. It’s not the same experience as attending, but it’s still immensely beneficial for expanding your blogging capabilities.

Although I haven’t attended a WordPress WordCamp yet, these gatherings are fantastic ways to connect with other WordPress creatives. You never know what you’ll learn from listening and collaborating with others, especially those who do something completely different from your WordPress wheelhouse.