Starting a blog is such a rewarding experience. However, it’s difficult to know how to best speak to your audience. Here’s why it’s important to write your blog in a personal tone.

An excellent blog post has a relaxed, personal tone.
An excellent blog post has a relaxed, personal tone.
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You can really make a splash in the blog scene if you’re dedicated to keeping your blog full of fresh, fun information. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know the tone to use when writing blog posts. If you’re like me and have only written professional/academic papers for the last few years, the switch can be a little jarring.

This switch doesn’t have to be painful, though! Sure it’s a little weird at first, but your writing and your blog will thank you for making the switch. Here’s why writing in a personal tone is necessary for your blog to thrive.

It’s Easier to Read

Having a personal tone to your blog makes your posts much easier to read. Think of it as writing everything in layman’s terms. We write academic papers for people in that specific field, so it makes sense to use more advanced terms in those cases. Your blog shouldn’t send your audience off to Google to look up definitions of words constantly.

However, if you want to get a little more technical on your blog, you totally can! Just make sure you’re explaining concepts in a way your audience understands. It may be best to break down these advanced posts into parts – you’ll get more than one post out of it, and your audience will have a more personal understanding of each part of the concept!

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Making your blog easy to read will make people more likely to return!
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It’s A More Enjoyable Experience

I’ve read my fair share of academic papers, and while I value the information they gave me, I can’t say I enjoyed every single one. Your blog shouldn’t leave readers feeling this way! That’s why it’s important to break down your information to small, digestible pieces.

By using a personal tone and concise sentences, you get straight to the point of your blog post. There’s no unnecessary fluff or academic jargon that stands between you and your audience. You get right to the point of your writing, and they get the information they’re searching for that much quicker.

It Lets the Audience Connect With You

This is by far the most important reason to write your blog posts in a personal tone. When you blog, either as a hobby or business, it’s inherently a personal experience. You’re taking time to write a blog post about something you believe in and think makes a difference. It would be so weird to read that with no personal touches!

When writing your blog posts, include personal stories and write as you would speak. Your audience will form a personal connection to you and your content when you write this way. It’s like they’re reading a pleasant conversation when your posts are personal, plus they may comment more regularly on your posts if they think you’re approachable.

Giving your blog posts a personal touch will make a world of difference for your blog. Your posts will be an easier, more enjoyable read, and you’ll form a unique connection with your audience. This personal connection will keep people coming back for more.