Legal protection for your blog is important. The disclaimer page is your first line of defense. Let your viewers know the in-and-outs of your blog.

Don't leave your blog defenseless. Add a disclaimer page.
Don’t leave your blog defenseless. Add a disclaimer page.
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What Is a Disclaimer Page?

A disclaimer page explains who your content belongs to, how you handle citing content from third party sites, and any legal obligations associated with your blog. It’s important to have your disclaimer page available to anyone viewing your blog.

If you write a blog post about ‘Building your own Bottle Rocket,’ you will need to include a legal disclaimer. It’s possible that someone will try out your blog post at home and end up hurting themselves. What’s stopping them from suing you? The disclaimer page you were smart enough to add.

How Much Legal Trouble Can I Get In?

A disclaimer page is crucial to your blog. Keep it legal.
A disclaimer page is crucial to your blog. Keep it legal.
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

If you don’t include a disclaimer page in your blog, you are open to legal disputes. Don’t let that happen. There’s a ton of legal jargon added into a disclaimer page that can protect you and your blog. Privacy policy. Cookie policy. Children’s privacy. It’s important information!

If you are collecting people’s names and e-mail addresses in a contact form, you need to tell them what you’re using it for. Someone could easily accuse you of using their information for other reasons.

Consult with a lawyer to find out how you can protect your blog. Let’s be honest, your everyday blogger didn’t go to law school. Find someone that did. It will be an enormous help when putting together your disclaimer page!

What Do I Put in My Disclaimer Page?

You need to consult with a lawyer to know what exactly needs to go into your blog’s disclaimer page. There are online generators that will help you put together a general disclaimer page until you’re able to do that.

Here are a few legal policies you should include in your blog’s disclaimer page:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Endorsement Disclaimer
  • Image Disclaimer
  • Information Disclaimer

Protecting yourself and your blog is very important when blogging. Make sure your disclaimer page helps you protect yourself in every way possible. Visit the CDC Website Disclaimer page for more information.