Bloggers who use WordPress will know what a difference it makes to install a plugin. A popular plugin that’s available is Yoast SEO. Let’s find out more about it.

WordPress Plugin Reviews: Yoast SEO Features
WordPress Plugin Reviews: Yoast SEO Features
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To rank as high as possible on Google, you must ensure your SEO is at an optimal level. Using Yoast is one of the best ways to optimize your SEO. WordPress considers it its number one SEO plugin. So, what’s so special about it?

Yoast Pleases Everyone

Yoast shows you how to organize your content so that your visitors will enjoy reading it. It also pleases search engine spiders, which search content in a specific format to rank it.

Some features of the plugin include a title and meta description template for better branding, and the most advanced XML Sitemaps functionality. Additionally, it includes a state-of-the-art Schema implementation, which helps search engines to make sense of your site.

Yoast Helps You Write Awesome Content

Yoast Helps You Write Awesome Content.
Yoast Helps You Write Awesome Content.
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Wouldn’t it be nice if there were plugins that helped you to write better? Yoast does exactly that. Apart from the SEO analysis, Yoast also offers readability analysis. This ensures your writing is easy to read, while the SEO ensures your content contains the necessary requirements that search engine spiders use to track authoritative sites.

Yoast’s Premium Version Offers Extra Features

If you’re looking to get more out of Yoast, go for the premium option. Some of the extra features include optimizing your article for synonyms and related key phrases, as well as social previews of how your content will be displayed on Facebook and Twitter. It also includes automatic internal linking suggestions and an insight tool that shows you what is the focus of your text.

Yoast Keeps Sites in Good Shape

Yoast Keeps Sites in Good Shape.
Yoast Keeps Sites in Good Shape.
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Not many plugins can keep your site in good shape as well as Yoast can. When you use it in WordPress, Yoast will tune the engine of your website so you can worry about putting out good content.

It also helps you to manage your team’s WordPress SEO efforts. The other great thing about this plugin is that it has a bulk editor to make large-scale edits to title and meta descriptions.

Drawback of Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress

The good news is that the Yoast plugin doesn’t have many serious drawbacks. The only real drawback it has is that it doesn’t understand intent. Google considers ‘intent’ when ranking websites.

That involves the algorithm knowing what you meant when used a keyword, but you opted for a similar but not an identical term. Using the premium Yoast plugin should resolve that issue, but it will get pricey.