Driving traffic to your blog is crucial if you want to grow it and make it a business. A plugin that you can use on WordPress to spread the word about your site is ShareThis.

WordPress Plugin ShareThis
WordPress Plugin ShareThis
Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

Getting visitors to share your blog is as easy as installing the ShareThis Share Buttons plugin. Have you ever seen those social media icons on a blog that allow you to share an article by clicking on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit? Well, that appears on your WordPress blog thanks to the ShareThis plugin.

ShareThis Features

One of the best features of this plugin is that it contains all the popular social networks. You choose which ones you want to show up on your site. There’s even an option for SMS and WhatsApp sharing. When somebody shares your blog via this app, it’s their way of recommending it to their friends on social media. If you value word-of-mouth advertising, then you’ll love the ShareThis plugin.

The buttons are mobile-optimized, enabling your visitors to share the blog from any device. The logos are bold and catch the eye of the visitor, so you’ll likely get them to notice and share your post. Also, the code is lightweight, so it won’t burden your blog. The ShareThis plugin also has distinct types of shares to choose from.

Using the ShareThis plugin lets more people interact with your blog.
Using the ShareThis plugin lets more people interact with your blog.
Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

You can choose an inline share, allowing you to have the logos display at the bottom or the top of the article. With inline sharing, if it’s at the top and readers scroll down and don’t see the logos anymore, they might forget about it. The other option is sticky, which is my favorite. The impressive thing about sticky share is that the logos follow your article. So, regardless of where on the page your reader is, they’ll be able to see the logos and share.

The other major perk of the ShareThis plugin is that you can share it on WordPress where you choose. You can opt for having the logo only on your home page or within your articles. An even better option is having the logos on both.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Plugin: ShareThis

The best part about the ShareThis plugin is that you can choose many social networks to use on your WordPress site. Some of these include Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, and Reddit, not to mention having the option to email a link. I’ve seen a drastic increase in visitors on my WordPress blog since I installed this plugin. Let me know if it helps your blog too!