With over 150 million blogs posts on the internet, you need to stand out. You can trim those numbers by following these 3 important steps to writing an effective blog post.

3 ways to write an effective blog post
Writing a blog post is easy, but writing an effective one is a different story.
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Blog What You Know, and What You Enjoy

Write what you love is an effective way to blog post.
Smile as you write and create sharp and effective copy.
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This is writing 101. If you’re going to convince a reader of something, you need to convince yourself first.

Be efficient in your blog posts. Write what you know and make sure you’re enjoying yourself.

If you’re not enjoying yourself, then change the subject. It’s your blog, which means it’s your world. That’s the beauty of writing blogs.

You are your own harshest critic. This means that if you’re enjoying your work, so are your readers.

Happy writer, happy reader.

Images Are Key To A Successful Blog Post

Images are key to effective blog posts.
Isn’t this effective?
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Visuals, Visuals, Visuals.

Humans are visual creatures. No one wants to read a blogger’s endless rant. Even if you have something useful to say.

Your readers won’t get past the first few sentences.

Break things up with images. Not just any images, but those that fit your blog. If your blog is colorful and animated, match it with an image.

A blog about Adventure Time should contain their unique artwork. Whereas a blog about your parents’ funeral home should be more conventional.

You’re not only a blog writer. You’re a reader, too. Think about your favorite blogs. What drew you to them? What do you like about those writers?

Imitation is the best form of flattery. Do some research into what makes the best blogs so darn good.

In a lot of ways the writing fills in what the images convey. People are drawn to interesting pictures. But make sure you explain how it relates to your content.

Words don’t jump out, images do. Remember this and an effective blog post is within your reach.

Let the readers have some eye candy. It will only make your blog more effective.

Effective Research

Effective Blog Posts Means Do Not Feed The Trolls
Effective blogging means you don’t feed the trolls.
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Don’t feed the trolls. Nothing makes them hungrier than factual errors.

Even if you’re 99.9% sure about what you’re writing, fact check anyway.

I know it can be a little boring, but do it anyway. The internet is the information superhighway. All the facts you need lie at your fingertips. Make use of it.

Everyone can blog. Everyone can write what they want online. This is both wonderful and frightening.

It all depends on how you use the tools at your disposal.

Effective writing means doing the work others won’t. For your blog to succeed you need discipline.

Write effective copy by being factual in your content.

Writing an Effective Blog Post

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll do fine. There are more steps to follow, but these are your starting points. The rest is fine-tuning.

Blog, blog, and blog some more.

You’re closer than you might think. Make your blog post shine, and you’ll attract readers.