Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein’s new book, Joy at Work, applies the KonMari method to the workspace. Here’s why this book is so great.

Kondo Sonenshein book
Joy at Work, book by Marie Kondo & Scott Sonenshein
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1. The Book Inspires Self-Development

Anyone who reads self-help books would expect them to inspire positive change. But nobody does this better than Kondo and Sonenshein.

To transform a workspace into a power spot that generates constant positive energy, we must first keep it clean.

– Marie Kondo

Their advice makes you feel like change is not only possible, it’s guaranteed. All you need is a little hard work.

This optimism is illustrated throughout the entire book, and it’s hard not get inspired by it.

2. The Book Offers a Greater Sense of Control

Beyond telling you what you need to do, they tell you why you need to do it. For Kondo and Sonenshein, tidying up is more than throwing away items that clutter up your space.

It’s about taking control over every aspect of your life.

By organizing your work, you’ve given yourself a gift that goes far beyond a tidy desk, orderly calendar, or clean inbox. You’ve taken back some control over your work life. So what’s next?

– Scott Sonenshein

Kondo and Sonenshein’s perspective works well because it shows you that tidying up goes beyond the clutter that takes up space in your desk.

Joy at Work is awesome because it shows you what that clutter represents, and what letting it go can do for you.

3. The Book Covers Both Physical and Digital Clutter

The book’s chapters are divided among Kondo and Sonenshein. Where Kondo focuses on physical clutter, Sonenshein focuses on digital clutter.

To achieve a work style that truly sparks joy, we need to tidy up every aspect of our work, not just our physical space.

– Marie Kondo

In a time where technology is getting more integrated into our daily lives, it’s helpful to know how we can clear our physical and digital spaces.

Bonus: The Book Discussesโ€ฆ Books!

It’s impossible to end this article without mentioning one of the most exciting aspects of this book! Early in the book, Kondo addresses what many book-lovers have experienced before… book hoarding.

Tidying books is a powerful means of self-discovery. The ones you choose to keep because they park joy reveal your personal values.

– Marie Kondo

The most valuable advice she gives on the topic is to take each book in your hand and think about the value it holds in your life.

If it sparks joy, it can stay. If it doesn’t, Kondo advises the reader to be grateful for the role the book played in their lives before discarding it.

As readers and book-lovers, this process is incredibly valuable. For as much as we may love books, we can still let them go with grace when they no longer spark joy.

Have you read Joy at Work? What did you think?