Many books have been written about success and achieving your goals. Reaching success goes hand in hand with self-development. Here are three must-reads to set you on the path of success and your journey of self-development.

Most people reach their goals successfully through self-development
Most people reach their goals successfully through self-development
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1. Your Money or Your Life – Self-Development Approach to Achieving Money Goals

9 step to developing a better relationship with money. Self-development towards success in reaching goals
9 steps to self-developing a better relationship with money and achieve your goals
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Money is an excellent source of stability. Therefore, increasing it is on many people’s list of goals. Accomplishing financial goals is all about developing a better relationship with money. Your Money or Your Life will give you an idea of how successful money management looks like. This book doesn’t promise overnight success. Nor it offers advice to increase wealth.

The suggested steps in this book are meant to help your self-development, and form a better relationship with money. By making you reevaluate your spending habits, the authors, Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, try to add value to your dollar. If money is one of your goals, you must learn how to manage it in addition to earning it.

2. Think and Grow Rich – the Holy Grail of Success Since 1930

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. The bible of success books. Self-development steps to success.
The bible of success books. This book will give you a template to set your goals and reach success.
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If you have been looking for success, goals, and self-development books, you probably aren’t surprised to see Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich in the list. There is a reason for it. Written in 1930, Think and Grow Rich teachings are still valuable today. The steps this book recommends are clear, and they are meant to paint the path to goals accomplished and success achieved. No matter what your goal might be, Hill guarantees success.

As with any realistic books, this one doesn’t promise easy overnight success. The author is clear from the beginning that you have to do the work. Not some, but all of the work. The book is thought to have produced many millionaires. This is the book successful people like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins quote and often go back to. Hill backs up his success strategies with success stories of real people. Investing the time to read this book will remind you of the power of mindset in self-development. You will get tangible, strict, and precise tools of how to achieve success

3. Mastery – the Power of Self-Development

Mastery by Robert Greene 
The self-development journey to becoming a master and reaching your goals with success.
Success is given to the ones that reach their goals with perseverance.
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If great success is one of your goals, this book will explain why some people achieve them, and some don’t. People who achieve success are masters in their trade. They got there after years of self-development. Robert Greene’s main point is that if you want to achieve your goals, be prepared to work on self-development continually. The author explains how success is reached with continuous learning. For masters, success is an everyday thing, but they didn’t get there quickly.

This is one of those books that describes the stages of success and what to expect from each stage. It is a fantastic book for people fresh out of school or changing careers. There is a very crucial moment in searching for success that many people skip-the apprenticeship phase. Greene advises not to put the focus on money, achievement, or status at this stage. Learning skills should be one of your main goals here. Success doesn’t come easy, neither does reading this book.

Set reading these books carefully as one of your goals. And you will be on your way to self-development.