I know we should not like any villain in a fictional story. But, when I read some books, I find myself falling in love with villains. I don’t root for them, but their stories are written so well that you like them for being evil.

Book villain characters we love.
Book villain characters we love.
Credit: Wizarding World and Instagram

It sounds weird to like the villain of a story, and most times I ask myself if I’m okay. I don’t know if I’m the only reader who has loved villain characters, but I want to list some villains I love.

Before you go any further, know that villain characters are essential in every story. They make the stories fun and exciting for readers.

Book Villain 1: Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter Series By J. K. Rowling.

Lord Voldemort has a charisma that makes you want to like him as a villain. Even though you know he is pure evil. I loved him in the books, and Ralph Fiennes playing Voldemort’s character so well made me admire Voldemort more.

Book villain: Lord Voldemort.
Book villain Lord Voldemort.
Photo from Wizarding World

Book Villain 2: The Jackal aka Adrius au Augustus, Red Rising Books By Pierce Brown

The Jackal is a book villain character you can call smart evil. I just like the fact that he was always ten steps ahead of everything. It is almost like you cannot do anything he has not already accounted for, even when he loses.

He is a book villain that makes you question what his next plan is. Winning is the worst feeling for anyone up against this character.

Book Villain 3: The Darkling, The Grisha Books By Leigh Bardugo.

In the books, the Darkling’s character had a presence as a villain that everyone feared. The fact that there was a mystery about his character was one thing that made me like him. He also had a way of making you think he is good until he turns on you. He is a villain character that deceives until he gets what he wants.

Book Villain 4: Sauron, The Lord of The Rings By J. R. R. Tolkien

Before the story in the books began, Sauron’s character could shape-shift into many forms. He used this power to spread lies and deceive others. As a book villain character, Sauron wanted to dominate the minds and wills of the people in Middle Earth.

Sauron’s character in the Lord of The Rings books was just a presence. There was nothing physical about him. As a villain, he could hold powerful people in his grip. Yes, he had an army of mindless creatures, but still, he was impressive as a book villain.

I have more book villain characters I love, but I don’t want you to think of me as strange. I think I need to add that if any of these villains were real, I would not be talking about how well they were created. Thanks for reading.