Have you ever read a fictional book that perfectly describes faults in everyday life? The Queen of the Tearling trilogy by Erika Johansen does this, teaching vital life lessons.

Book life lessons
The Queen of the Tearling. Photo from Goodreads

The book, Queen of The Tearling, tells the story of Kelsea Glynn who ascends her throne at 19 as the queen of a failing kingdom. She learns daily lessons in the kingdom she thought she knew.

She tries to protect her kingdom from an invasion and correct the mistakes of the leaders. Reading this book series, I picked up some life lessons.

This series has 3 books, Queen of The Tearling, Invasion of The Tearling, and Fate of The Tearling. The book series makes a reader think about life lessons learned from the actions we take.

1) A life lesson about how absolute power corrupts in life

Kelsea Glynn ascends the throne to find out that her uncle who ruled before her was corrupt. He took bribes from the rich, and he did not care about the poor. This lesson reveals a fact about corruption in our everyday life.

2) A life lesson about how we fail to learn from our past

Refugees who fled a dangerous world created Tearling. They wanted to be better than their previous world. But, corruption, fear, and doubt crept in, and Tearling became the world they fled from. The life lesson in this is for people to never let fear, doubt, and corrupt practices rule their lives.

3) A life lesson on how to be kind to others in any situation

Kelsea’s kingdom was under the threat of invasion from a kingdom ruled by the Red Queen. The Red Queen was cruel to people, because she felt like the only way to survive was to be as cruel as those who were cruel to her. In this aspect, the lesson learned from the book is to be kind to others no matter how they are to you.

4) A life lesson on humans’ survival

The refugees who were used to civilization in their old world survived in an empty one, creating things from scratch. The life lesson I learnt from this part of the book is that human beings will always survive, no matter what.

With this last life lesson from the Queen of The Tearling book, I believe that as human beings, we will survive this COVID-19 pandemic and come out on top.