An adventure that starts in books isn’t complete without intriguing characters. They make you want to follow their journeys to the end when you can relate to them.

Book characters that we can relate to
Book characters we relate to

Meeting relatable characters in books is exciting to me. 

Any reader keen on starting a journey with relatable characters will find a place with the four female characters in these books. 

  • Raisa ana Marianna, Seven Realms books by Cinda Williams Chima: Raisa is the female lead character in the books.

Raisa is a rebellious princess who just thinks about kissing boys. However, life had other plans for her in the books. She is relatable because of how life always had other plans for her. 

Credit: Emilie Stannard
  • Lucero-Elisa de Riqueza, Girl of Fire and Thorns books: One of the characters we can relate to is Elisa.

In the books, Elisa is a plus-size princess who doesn’t have faith in her qualities. Many of us can relate to her this way. 

We doubt our skills. However, an amazing thing occurs when we find out we can be great like Elisa did in the books. 

Credit: Rae Carson
  • Kara Magari, The Grimoire Saga books by S.M. Boyce: Kara was a simple lady before she went to a mystical world. 

In the books, people view her as weak since she is human, but she proves them wrong. 

A few of us have been in Kara’s shoes. People make up their minds about what we can deal with. We can relate with Kara along these lines. 

Credit: S.M. Boyce

Hermione’s character reminds me of classmates that point out forgotten assignments to teachers. We all have that classmate.

Book characters you relate to
Gif of Hermione’s character answering questions in class

We may not be royalty or magic beings, but we can relate with the four female characters in these books. They are lovely, wise, and one of a kind. 

If you have read any of these books, I’m sure you relate to these characters. If you have not read the books, I urge you to pick one. You will love it.