Have your Spectrespecs? Upside down Quibbler? Here are 5 life lessons from our favorite quirky, imaginative, and open-minded Ravenclaw.

Emblem of Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood's Hogwarts House. Photo from Flickr.
Emblem of Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood’s Hogwarts House. Photo from Flickr.

The Harry Potter series is one of the best selling book series of all time. It is filled with many life lessons. Luna Lovegood is one of the more unique characters J.K Rowling has created. As a result, Luna has many things to teach us about life. Since she is one of my favorite characters,I want to share these lessons.

Life Lesson #1 Normalcy is overrated. Be weird.

When it comes to the personality of Luna Lovegood, peculiar is putting it mildly. There is no shame in being the weird one. The rest of the characters outside of Luna and our lives shows that normal is a spectrum anyway. Life is too short to let it be boring.

Life Lesson #2: Don’t Care About What Anyone Else Thinks

Luna is a character who deals with a lot of insults. Despite this, she is not someone who lets it impact her optimistic mindset. She continues living her life without a care for what others think. So, don’t let other people change how you see yourself. Self-esteem should not be impacted by negative people.

Life Lesson #3: Brutal Honesty is Usually the Best Policy

Luna is a really good friend, because she doesn’t sugarcoat things. This is sometimes even done to the horror of the other characters. The lesson here is that friends will always find out if you are being honest. Being truthful will usually make things better in the long run.

Life Lesson #4. Never lose life’s wonder

Luna Lovegood and her dad, Xenophilius Lovegood, are both very childish. This isn’t meant to indicate immaturity. Rather, I mean that the Lovegood family is amazed by both the real and imaginary. This childish wonder is a lesson we can all take to heart. There are many things in our lives which shouldn’t be turned mundane, simply because we know how they work.

Luna Lovegood is a character who has much to teach us. These life lessons go far beyond learning what a wrackspurt or a nargle is. Perhaps we are all just as sane as Luna Lovegood is after all.