The debate surrounding whether physical books or e-books are better is an interesting one, but here are four reasons e-books pale in comparison to physical books.

Paper Books are better than E-books for many reasons.
Physical books are better than e-books
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1. Fewer Distractions With Physical Books

Paper books cause far fewer distractions than e-books.
Fewer distractions with physical books
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Almost everything nowadays is tied to our phones. As a result, it is very easy to get distracted. This is why I personally take at least four hours daily to be off my phone. Physical books allow you to immerse yourself more fully into a book, whereas reading an e-book can offer the interruptions of phone or internet notifications.

2. The Feeling of a Physical Book In the Hand

The feeling of a paper book in my hand is far better than an e-book on a cell phone.
The feeling of a physical book in the hand
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There is just something about having a book in your hands that an e-book can’t match. A physical book, especially a bigger one, just feels right in a way that is hard to define. Meanwhile, e-books do not have the same weight. As a result, they do not have any special feeling like physical books do.

3. Physical Books Do Not Create Their Own Light

Paper Books Do Not Create Their Own Light and are therefore, better for your eyes than e-books.
Physical books do not create their own light
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This may sound like a negative, however, I mean this in a very positive way. Staring at screens for too long has been linked to eye strain and worse melatonin production, among other issues. As a result, there is not the same requirement to stare at bright lights to read a physical book. E-books are much harder on the eyes than paper books.

4. There is No Battery on Physical Books

There being no battery for paper books means they last longer and can go to more places than e-books can.
There is no battery on paper books
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One of the biggest limiting factors on any modern electronic device is the life of the battery. Unfortunately, batteries only live so long which limits use on e-books. Physical books, on the other hand, last as long as there is a source of lighting, allowing physical books to go places that e-books cannot.

E-books have certainly transformed the way people read. It has made books even easier to come by for many people, and they certainly have their own benefits. However, in my opinion, traditional paper books will always be superior to the electronic version.