Anna Borges wrote a book on self-care, and it’s awesome. It’s also one of my absolute favorite titles right now. Here are 4 reasons you need to read it.

Anna Borges book
Anna Borges’ book, The More of Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care.
Image by Ashley Paramo

Anna Borges is the author of the 2019 book, The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care.

The book is a great read.

It offers a list of over 200 self-care tips almost anyone can use. The tips are organized alphabetically. This makes it an easy read.

If you’re interested in self-care, you need to read this book ASAP.

Here’s why.

1. It’s well-informed.

Quote from: Anna Borges, The More or Less Definite Guide to Self Care
Anna Borges, The More or Less Definite Guide to Self Care

Borges collected anecdotes from people who practice the tips she suggests.

These anecdotes help the reader immensely. They offer insight on what applying Borges’s tips can look like for different people.

She also consulted medical professionals for the more informative sections of the book.

The therapy FAQ section of the book offers valuable information. It also helps the reader understand what they can do to improve their mental health.

Borges offers a list of recommended readings. She also offers a list of sources that support each suggestion.

There is a source that supports every piece of information. This increases Borges’s credibility.

2. The extensive collection of self-care tips.

This book contains over 200 self-care tips. Each one details a simple and healthy way in which you can practice self-care.

The tips are super simple. This book covers every self-care topic you can imagine. From positive affirmations to improving your sleep.

This is one instance where quantity and quality meet. And it’s great.

3. It’s self-aware.

Quote from: Anna Borges, The More or Less Definite Guide to Self Care
Anna Borges, The More or Less Definite Guide to Self Care

Borges recognizes that, for many, self-care is a luxury.

Borges doesn’t sell you a one-size-fits-all solution. She understands that not everyone can practice certain kinds of self-care.

For this reason, the book offers practical tips that anyone can do.

4. The Self-Care Chart

This chart might be one of the most helpful things about this book. Besides the beautiful design, this chart makes it easy to practice self-care.

You begin by answering a simple question: How do you feel right now? From there, you move down the chart to determine the best course of action.

The self-care tip you choose will depend on what Borges calls your “emotional bandwidth.”

Check the chart, answer the questions, and pick the best self-care tip for you. The chart transforms this book into a handy quick guide to self-care.

Read this book. You won’t regret it.

Have you read the book already? What did you think?