Friends love, trust and are loyal to each other. When friendships are portrayed in books, it can make for great literature.

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5 Fantasy Books With Great Friendships To Read.
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Friendship is a relationship that every human being has or craves. Because of this friendship is a relationship represented in books. There have been countless books that represent friendship in inspiring and relatable ways. I have read many books that have true inspirational friendships. These relationships between amazing characters are relatable and I just had to share.

Fantasy Books with Great Friendships

1. Ron and Harry, Harry Potter Books by J. K. Rowling

If you have read the books, you are probably wondering why Hermione is not in the friendship mix. I have always enjoyed Harry and Ron’s relationship together. Their friendship is inspiring for many reasons. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are great friends and I love their relationship. But there is something about how Ron and Harry are together. It is always like two of them against the world. They understand each other so well.

I also liked that their friendship was not perfect. The relationship got tested many times, and they realised that they need each other. Even with Hermione present, the two were miserable without each other. Ron was jealous of Harry in The Goblet of Fire and Ron also ditched Harry and Hermione in Deathly Hallows. Throughout the time they were apart, they missed each other. Not that they could not be apart from each other; it was the fact that they quarreled that made them miserable. Harry and Ron’s friendship was instant. Being with Ron’s family always made Harry, who was an orphan, feel at home. He found a family with the Weasleys. This made their relationship more special.

2. Frodo and Sam, Lord of The Rings Books by J. R. R. Tolkien

Samwise and Frodo’s friendship is one of the most popular book friendships. The relationship is inspiring to people because of how Sam followed Frodo to the end. Even when it meant putting his life in danger. In the books, Frodo takes on the task of taking the One Ring to Mordor to destroy it before Sauron gets hold of it. Samwise promises Gandalf he would stick with Frodo to the end of his journey. During that time, their relationship grows into a great friendship.

Frodo’s mission took him to dark places, especially with the influence of Sauron and Gollum. Samwise stirred Frodo in the right direction and saved him during dangerous encounters. The relationship Samwise and Frodo had in the books has been an inspiration for a lot of readers. Especially since their relationship before the journey was that of employee and boss. Samwise is Frodo’s gardener. But by the end of their journey, they were more than that.

3. Sevro and Darrow, Red Rising Books by Pierce Brown

Sevro and Darrow or Goblin and Reaper. These two have a friendship that you would never have suspected would happen when starting the first book. Their relationship and friendship is built up in the books, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Sevro is loyal to a fault and he would do anything for the people he considers family.

Darrow and Sevro as a pair are terrible and formidable. Darrow is a charismatic leader, capable of winning friends and allies. I loved the relationship of this friendship, especially their playful banter. It is inspiring that they are friends in a world where betrayal and disloyalty is the norm.

4. Nina and Inej, Six of Crows Books by Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows is about a gang of thieves led by Kaz Brekker. The relationship between the gang members was born out of necessity and survival. However, two of the members, Inej and Nina built a great friendship. They love, trust, and are loyal to each other. Inej and Nina’s friendship is true and inspiring.

The two adore and respect each other in a way the other gang members don’t. Their friendship is inspiring because they are members of a gang of people who do not trust each other. Inej recruited Nina to the gang, the Dregs. It was during this time that they formed their bond and their friendship grew.

5. Locke and Jean, Gentleman Bastards Books by Scott Lynch

Locke and Jean’s relationship is one of the most iconic friendships in fantasy books. The two started out hating each other, mostly with a childish Locke rejecting Jean. As time goes on, Locke came to realize that he and Jean are better being friends. I like how their relationship grew in the books. Readers get to experience their relationship both from the past and present.

Locke and Jean share a similar life story, even though they are different in so many ways. They are both orphans and they are what you call “street smart.” Their friendship is so strong that the two will race towards death to save each other. Locke is manipulative and very convincing while Jean is a talented fighter. These two work so well as a team to where when Locke’s manipulation does not work, Jean puts his skills to work.

I love to read great friendships between characters in books. Which of these friendships between characters do you find inspiring?