Aside from receiving a book every month with a subscription, you can also get goodies. It is all the book merchandise you love at your fingertips. It is almost like a surprise Christmas gift you receive every month.

Monthly book subscriptions.
Monthly book subscriptions.
Credit: Pexels Andrea Piacquadio

Book subscriptions are all about getting book goodies! The best part is how thoughtful the items are. They are not your everyday items, especially for fantasy genre readers.

Here are Some Items you Might Receive From Book Subscription Boxes.

Subscription Item #1: Book Perks.

Some books that come in subscription boxes are specially designed for fans. And they are sometimes signed by the writer.

Subscription Item #2: Fancy Bookmarks

Every reader needs a bookmark. But, bookmarks are even better when they come with quotes or fan art of your favorite books.

Subscription Item #3: Book Merchandise.

Any item with part of a book I love is already the perfect gift for me.

Subscription Item #4: Tarot Cards Book Fan Art.

I recently discovered a book subscription that sometimes includes a deck of cards. The cards have fan art of characters from different books. It is just the best gift for a book nerd like me.

Who knows what items you’ll find with a book subscription?

I will probably not play any game with the cards. But, the thought that I own something with the characters I love is perfect.

Subscription Item #5: Fancy Book Reading Planner

A reading planner keeps your reading list organized. It also helps you keep track of your reading.

You may receive a planner with a book subscription

The best thing about book subscriptions is that there is one for every reader. There are even book subscriptions for coffee lovers. There are also book subscriptions for used books if you cannot afford to spend much.

Items with book subscription boxes vary, like the subscriptions themselves. What is your favorite item found in a subscription box?