Character tropes are common attributes found in characters. I’m certain readers love some character tropes although writers have overused them. While they cannot stand other tropes for that same reason.

Character tropes we love.
5 Character Tropes That Have Been Overused In Books.
Credit: Pexels Cottonbro.

Here are some overused character tropes.

1. Chosen One Trope.

This trope is something you find in fantasy and science fiction books. The chosen one is a character with an identity that revolves around a task to achieve. Harry Potter and Val from Mistborn are examples of the chosen one trope.

2. Wise Old Man Trope (Mentor).

I love this trope so much. The wise old man trope is that character who guides the protagonist on their journey. They are sometimes funny or stern and always extremely powerful. The wise old man character trope are characters like Gandalf and Lorn au Arcos in the Red Rising books.

3. Evil Overlord Trope.

I love the evil overlord trope. I don’t think it can ever be bad except with a terrible story. The evil overlord rules a realm that he keeps under his/her thumb with force. The realm shows the reflection of the overlord’s evil intentions. The overlord always plans to dominate the world. An example of an evil overlord is Sauron in The Lord of The Rings.

4. Secret Heir Trope.

This trope is about a secret heir to the royal line of a kingdom, who is raised outside the palace for safety. They are either raised without knowing their true identity or they are aware of the secret. An example is Jennifer A. Nielsen’s Ascendance series.

5. Reluctant Hero Trope.

We never get the hero that says “I always knew I’m destined to be great, so where do we start this adventure?” What we get most times is “no, it can’t be me, I’m just a farmer.”

This trope starts with protagonists that find out they are part of an unusual world. A world they knew nothing about or one they want nothing to do with.

People expect great things from them. Most times characters of this trope are also chosen ones. An example is Kara from the Grimoire Saga.

Which of these tropes is your favorite to read?