Bone Gap by Laura Ruby is a mystery coming-of-age book set in the town of Bone Gap, Illinois, a magical place where anything can happen. Take a dive into the unknown with this book.

Bone Gap 
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Bone Gap
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An Overview of Bone Gap

Laura Ruby’s book, Bone Gap, is set in modern-day Illinois. The town of Bone Gap is filled with gaps where people can fall into and completely disappear, both figuratively and literally.

Bone Gap‘s main character, Finn, is a high schooler who lives with his older brother Sean. The book takes place in the aftermath of the kidnapping of Roza, a Polish girl who mysteriously appeared in their barn one night and has been staying with them since. Finn is the only one who saw Roza being taken, but he cannot describe what the man who took her looks like, only the way he moved and how he acted.

Finn is desperate to bring Roza back to Bone Gap for the sake of his brother, who is lost without her. Throughout the book, Finn starts spending time with Petey, a beekeeper’s daughter, falling for her while searching for answers. The book is told in multiple perspectives, including Finn’s, Roza’s, and Petey’s.

First Impressions

Okay, so I have a confession. I’m extremely guilty of buying books and then not reading them for a while. Like, three or more years sometimes.

Enter Bone Gap. I found this one on a late night search of Amazon for inexpensive books and purchased it on a whim, leaving it on my bookshelf for three years. I picked it up many times but never started the book, some other book always ending up before it.

And honestly? I’m disappointed in myself that I waited so long to read Bone Gap.

Review of Bone Gap

I absolutely loved Bone Gap. I didn’t have a lot of preconceptions about the book, which is always something I enjoy going into reading not having, if only so I am not let down if it doesn’t live up to a hype.

This book, however, deserves hype, and I wish more people knew about it. Bone Gap perfectly combines realism and magic without making it a cheesy story or too unrealistic. The characters had a lot of dimension and the town of Bone Gap itself was brought to life as its own character through Laura Ruby’s writing.

My favorite character in the book was Petey, because she was possibly the most complex of all and the one I felt the most connection with, mainly because I was so fascinated by her and her life. In Bone Gap, she and her mother kept bees, selling the honey and cookies they made with it to the people of Bone Gap. I’ve always had a fascination with bees, even though I’m deathly afraid of them, so it was very interesting to get insight into a beekeeper’s life, albeit a fictional one.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the book Bone Gap to anyone looking for a quick read that will keep you hooked. The writing is fantastic and the book’s characters are definitely worth the investment in them. Bone Gap will certainly be joining my permanent bookshelf as a book I enjoyed enough to keep.

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