I recently finished an exceptional book that I think others will enjoy. It’s The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell. It has significant character development and historical context. You will absolutely enjoy all the magnificent battles.

Bernard Cornwell The Last Kingdom. Photo by Author.
Bernard Cornwell The Last Kingdom. Photo by Author.

An Overview of The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is a fantastic book about a Saxon ealdorman, basically a noble. At age ten, he watches his father die battling Vikings. In return, because he shows great courage on the battlefield, he wins the heart of a fearless Viking warrior. This warrior takes the young Saxon ealdorman into his home. They raise him as a Dane. And so begins the Last Kingdom.

The Danes raised and treated the young Saxon well. He was now acting like a Dane. He goes out on his own into the world with a torn soul. Is he a Saxon noble who should reclaim his birthright and fight the Vikings? Or is he a Dane who should become a Viking himself and fight the English?

My Review of The Last Kingdom

I truly enjoyed The Last Kingdom. I think you’ll enjoy this book if you are a fan of fantasy or historical fiction. While this book isn’t an authentic story, it does have a lot of historical elements. I love both genres, so this was a big plus for me.

I’m fascinated with Medieval England. The brave warriors who fought in a battle-torn countryside. Fighting for their kingdoms. It has always been romantic to me. The heroism and selflessness that these brave men and women gave was astonishing. The Saxons who were defending their land and the Vikings who were seeking a new home.

To sum it up, I loved this book. It is the first in a lengthy series of books called The Saxon Tales. I cannot wait to get started on the second book, just as soon as a bookstore opens.