Harry Styles recording an audiobook has been a dream of mine since 2010. As a peaceful narrator, he helps his audience dream with him for 40 calm minutes.

Harry Styles
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Available on the Calm app now, Harry Styles narrates a book written by Steve Cleverley and Sanj Sen. Throughout the audiobook, Harry suggests what you will dream about throughout your sleep, with a calming and sweet voice.

Harry uses added instrumentals in the background of this audiobook, making it easy to fall asleep to. He also uses a lot of imagery, making it easy to escape into a calm state as your mind drifts from any work to a serene wonderland. I have always struggled with my sleep schedule and quality of sleep, so this calm experience with Harry helped me to imagine a place I wanted to slip away to in my dreams.

I have never been a big fan of listening to audiobooks, always preferring paper copies of books so I could make notes. Harry has been one of my favorite artists since middle school, so I was excited to hear that the Calm app had put together two of my favorite things: Harry Styles and books!

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Some of my favorite parts of this audiobook were the frequent breaks taken for the instrumental music. Harry would talk for a few minutes before letting the music play for the listener for 30 to 45 seconds. This is where I became calm and mesmerized, waiting to hear his voice again.

The description for the experience, where any listener will “fall asleep and fall in love” with Harry and his reading, was spot on. This audiobook is meant to fall asleep to, but I listened the entire way through and restarted it, falling asleep halfway through my second listen.

I highly recommend everyone take a break from their busy lives and listen to Harry Styles’ narration on this audiobook.

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For some who wander through this world, there is grace in being lost.

Harry Styles, Dream With Me Audiobook