Caroline Kaufman’s book, Light Filters In Poems, is raw and sincere. Starting from the grounds of what it means to be human.

Light Filters in Poems by Caroline Kaufman
Caroline Kaufman’s Light Filters In Poems
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Fun fact, Light Filters In Poems is Caroline Kaufman’s first book!

My goal in this book review is to bring light on what her words mean to me as the reader. Caroline Kaufman’s phrases touched me, and I want to share what I believe the meanings were.

This is my first book review and I’m really excited about it! I never thought I would be here writing this book review for others to read.

Overview Of Light Filters in Poems by Caroline Kaufman

Light Filters captures what it means to be imperfect. The author, Caroline Kaufman, wrote her struggles in this book, so she could become an inspiration for other stories. It’s hard to find light in gloomy times, especially when it feels like no one can relate to you. Kaufman sheds her own light to prove things get better.

Caroline Kaufman’s book, Light Filters, is in poetry form. She compiled everything she has struggled with and was brave enough to publish it for the word to criticize. The topics she discussed are gut-wrenching and raw, but need addressing.

Light Filters In Poems, A Book By Caroline Kaufman
Light Filters In Poems, A Book By Caroline Kaufman
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First Thoughts of Light Filters by Caroline Kaufman

I read the author’s note before I bought the book. Kaufman discusses that she will touch on mental illness, self-harm, suicide, recovery, sexual assault, abusive relationships, violence, and other issues. It scared me to buy the book afterwards.

I always avoided books that seemed too real. This is a book I would’ve avoided in the past. I stuck myself in a young adult fiction wonderland. I was happy not understanding the scary details of life. I’m glad I’m out of my bubble.

Review of Light Filters by Caroline Kaufman

I want to start this book review by stating I think this book is something all readers should expose themselves to. I give so much credit to the author for being able to be as vulnerable as she was. It’s scary addressing issues that no one wants to talk about.

Kaufman’s writing style was effortless to read. She broke up Light Filters into four sections. The darkness falls, the night persists, the dawn breaks, and the sun rises.

The darkness falls focuses on the beginning of depression. It’s like an unwelcomed hug. Where one sentence can cripple you. It’s a terrible feeling, but real.

The night persists focuses on the ominous cloud of personal struggles only growing bigger. It feels like there can be no recovery, no happiness. This is when Kaufman talks about going to therapy, and the very beginning of her recovery. She concludes that she is loveable. Kaufman realizes that life is temporary, and that is the motivation she needed.

The dawn breaks is what I refer to as the first steps to opening up. This is where Kaufman becomes the most vulnerable in her writing. Kaufman writes about past love, 15 facts about her, and how happiness slowly starts returning to her soul. It’s been a lengthy journey to recovery, to survival, but Kaufman continues to fight.

The sun rises contains Kaufman’s final thoughts. You, as a reader, are holding her existence in your hands. She is still learning, but the most important part is that she’s in love with herself now. Kaufman’s excited to get up in the morning, to discover unfamiliar things. It’s inspiring.

Kaufman came to the resolution that there is light at the end of a depressive road. It’s freeing once you learn to let that go. That’s what I got from her book.

Light Filters In Poems, A Book By Caroline Kaufman
Light Filters In Poems, A Book By Caroline Kaufman
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Final Thoughts of Light Filters by Caroline Kaufman

Light Filters is by far my favorite poetry book that I have read. Branching out and reading something that made me uncomfortable made me realize it’s the exact thing I needed to hear. I would recommend this book to everyone.

I hope my review was spot on. I had a lot of fun reflecting and interpreting Caroline Kaufman’s words in my writing. This was an exceptional book, and it just became better as I wrote this book review. If you haven’t already, read it. Happy reading!

“It’s okay if some things are always out of reach. If you could carry all the stars in the palm of your hand, they wouldn’t be half as breathtaking.”

Caroline Kaufman, Light Filters In Poems