Krystal Sutherland’s book, Our Chemical Hearts, is a witty, heartbreaking, and beautiful account of the bittersweet happiness that comes with your first teenage love.

Krystal Sutherland's book Our Chemical Hearts
Photo courtesy of Amazon
Krystal Sutherland’s book Our Chemical Hearts
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Our Chemical Hearts is Krystal Sutherland’s first book.

An Overview of Our Chemical Hearts

Our Chemical Hearts is not your typical book about a boy-meets-girl love story. The book tells the story of Henry Page, a high school student who has never been in love, and Grace Town, the new girl in school. When Grace shows up on the third Tuesday of senior year, Henry knows his life is going to change.

In the book, Henry realizes Grace is not what he imagined his dream girl would be: she walks with a cane, wears oversized boys’ clothes, and is very unkempt. But when their teacher picks them to co-edit the school newspaper, he finds himself falling for her. Throughout the book, Henry realizes there’s something broken about Grace, but wants to help fix whatever it is.

First Impressions

When I heard that Krystal Sutherland’s book, Our Chemical Hearts, was being made into a movie, I knew I needed to check out the book before watching. I am familiar with the two stars of the movie, so I had some preconceptions for the characters and how they would look before starting the book.

Review of Our Chemical Hearts

This book wrecked me, but in the best way. I legitimately could not put the book down, finishing it in about four hours in one sitting. It was equal parts heartbreaking, witty, sweet, and tragic, the perfect mixture for any great book.

The book’s story definitely played somewhat on the typical teenage love trope used in so many young adult novels, but carves its own path straight through the predictability of other books of the same genre. There were so many moments in the book that seemed would take a typical, overused path, but pleasantly took a turn for the better, attesting to Sutherland’s excellent writing and creativity in her book.

Sutherland has a unique talent of making her characters jump off the page of the book. Although I only spent about four hours reading Our Chemical Hearts, it felt as though I had known the characters of the book my whole life. I empathized with them so much that I ended up crying while finishing the book. Which, to me, is always an excellent sign that a writer has done their job fantastically.

Final Thoughts

One of my favorite things a friend ever said to me was, “This book ripped my heart into a thousand pieces. Here! You should read it!” and that rings true with this book. Our Chemical Hearts is a book I will recommend to anyone looking for excellent characters, a complex storyline, and fantastic writing.

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