The Red Rising Trilogy is one of the best book series I have read and I believe it will continue to be on the top of my list. With everything that is going on in the world, I thought it was a good time to review this trilogy.

Red Rising Review.
A Review Of Red Rising Trilogy
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This series is a science fiction dystopian novel. It is about how a lowborn man infiltrates the ranks of his oppressors to one day lead a revolution. Red Rising is followed by Golden Son and Morning Star.

The Story Of the Red Rising Series

A young man, Darrow, is forced to join a group of rebels after his wife was killed right in front of his eyes. Darrow only wanted to live a simple life with his wife. However, after her death, he joins the rebels and infiltrates the ranks of his oppressors. Darrow, who is a Red, realizes that he has been living a lie. His people were being used as slaves while the highest rank, The Golds, were living their best lives.

In the first book, Red Rising, Darrow becomes a Gold to destroy the society from the inside. The series follows the journey of how Darrow came to realize that not all Golds are bad. How he gathered his followers and led the revolution.

I know what you are thinking. Cliche, right? It’s not. This series is so much more than that. It is action-packed, and it is full of so many gut-wrenching twists that will blow your mind. I won’t give any spoilers, but here are some things I love about Red Rising.

“I would have lived in peace. But my enemies brought me war”. Red Rising‘s protagonist Darrow said this, and it is my best quote from the series.

1) World Building In Red Rising.

With dystopian stories, I expect the same things. Man destroys the earth and the last of mankind is trying to survive. But, Red Rising has a creative twist. In this series, the caste system is a color-based society with Reds as the lowest and Golds as the highest.

In this series, I liked how the author created a world using the nine planets. It was also infused with Roman mythological references.

One of the best things about the first book is the Institute. A school created to train Gold teenagers into soldiers. But, the Institute was more like a battleground with no laws-slaughter anyone in your path. In the rest of the books, the plot expands, and the world becomes more intriguing.

2) The Red Rising Series Plot

I love the way the story came together. Reading this book made me feel a lot of things. The pacing is amazing. It is tightly plotted and action-packed. The characters are well written with incredible and unique personalities. These characters will make any reader fall in love with them.

3) Red Rising Series Characters

Like I said, every character in Red Rising is well written. It is impossible not to like any of them. Even the ruthless ones like The Jackal. He is a formidable character and the perfect adversary for the protagonist. Virginia au Augustus: She is Darrow’s love interest, and a fearless, intelligent woman. Sevro au Barca: Darrow’s best friend and one of the best characters in this book. He is loyal to a fault.

The Red Rising series was Pierce Brown’s debut novel. Since then, he has written sequels to the trilogy: Iron Gold and Dark Age. This sequel is set 10 years after the revolution.

Red Rising is a great read, and I have gone through the series more than once. I hope you pick it up and enjoy it as much as I did.