Love a delightful competition story with lots of bloodshed and misery? The Savior’s Champion should be the next book on your reading list. All the bloodshed you need is in the Sovereign’s Tournament.

The Savior's Champion Review
The Savior’s Champion Review
Credit: Jenna Moreci

A brief description of The Savior’s Champion is that it is a merge of The Bachelorette and Spartacus. The Savior’s Champion is a dark fantasy book written by Jenna Moreci.

In the realm of Thessen, the Savior became the ruler after she purified the land. The line of the Savior has ruled Thessen since the purification. They are the only beings in the realm with magical abilities.

The Savior is now of marriageable age. She needs to choose a champion to become her sovereign in a deadly tournament. The Sovereign’s Tournament.

The Sovereign’s Tournament leaves only one champion standing out of nineteen.

My Review of The Savior’s Champion

I enjoyed the pace of The Savior’s Champion. It grips your attention from the moment the Sovereign’s Tournament begins. I liked the way Moreci described the characters.

The Competitors Of The Sovereign’s Tournament

To keep up with 19 men in the Sovereign’s Tournament was difficult. Moreci told the story of the notable characters in a way that keeps them in the reader’s mind. Moreci also gave the Sovereign’s Tournament competitors laurels. Tobias’s laurel was the artist.

The Characters in The Savior’s Champion

I fell in love with many of the characters of The Savior’s Champion right from the start. The ladies from the Savior’s court all had personalities that any reader would love to follow. The Sovereign’s Tournament competitors were great to read about from Tobias’s point of view.

Creative Challenges in The Sovereign’s Tournament

Every challenge in the tournament was creative. I was always scared for Tobias during the deadly tournaments. The creativity in challenges made the death of every competitor stick in the reader’s mind. I also liked how the challenges were not all battles.

What I did Not Like About The Savior’s Champion

As a protagonist, Tobias did not work for me. He felt too whinny. Tobias did not want to enter The Sovereign’s Tournament, but he did for his family. He whined about it all the time. Tobias’s love interest was perfect for me. I loved Leila from the start and I always wanted to read about Leila from his point of view.

I also did not like how Tobias’s best friend, Milo, died right from the start of The Sovereign’s Tournament. I would have loved it if he was part of the Sovereign’s Tournament. I wanted to see if the game would test their friendship, because Milo wanted to be in it.

My Conclusion of The Savior’s Champion

The Savior’s Champion was a great read for me. I enjoyed it. I said nothing about the Savior, because there is a plot twist that I knew from the beginning. But, many people did not see the glaring plot twist.

If you pick The Savior’s Champion up. I would like the plot twist to be a surprise for you. If you are like me, you will see right through it from the start.

Jenna Moreci announced the sequel to The Savior’s Champion recently. The Savior’s Sister will be out on September 29.