Everything Everything stayed at #1 on the New York Times Best Selling List for over 8 weeks. Here are some reasons this young adult novel is an overwhelming masterpiece!

Everything Everything: a Young Adult Novel to Read in the Summer.
Everything Everything: a Young Adult Novel to Read in the Summer
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Everything, Everything is a 2015 young adult novel written by Nicola Yoon and was the author’s first published book. The novel became so popular that in 2017 it was adapted into a young adult film starring Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson.

This young adult novel shares a unique and overwhelming story and is a revolutionary piece for the young adult genre. There is a combination of distinctive elements in the novel that made it stand out and make a difference in novels. Let’s start by saying that the novel is not just another love story, breaking the pattern by presenting a love story with psychological and health topics.

Everything, Everything shares the story of Madeline, an 18-year-old who has a completely unconventional life. Madeline has the uncommon health condition of severe combined immunodeficiency. This means she is extremely vulnerable to infectious diseases. For that reason, she lives isolated from the big world and in her own little world at home.

In this young adult novel, Madeline was diagnosed when she was very young by her overprotective mom, who is a doctor, who never allowed her to go outside. She has been told that going out of her home, outfitted for her condition, can be dangerous for her. Madeline’s life was usual, being home schooled online, painting, and watching the world through her window. Madeline’s only contact with the outside world was her nurse, Carla.

Everything Everything a unique and different young adult novel for the summer.
Everything, Everything is a unique and different young adult novel for the summer
Original photo from pinterest.pj, graphic by Haydee Vanegas

Until everything changed in the young adult novel. One day, through her window, Madeline sees that a family has moved into the house next door. That is when she sees Olly for the first time, which changes Madeline’s entire world.

When she sees Olly, Madeline’s fight and struggle to finally living starts. The young woman realizes that only books and knowledge are not enough for her to live a fully life. She realizes that, in her sanitized world, she has been missing everything about living.

Madeline and Olly start to get to know each other, mostly through Madeline’s window and thanks to the internet and social media. The young couple started as friends by texting each other, and those interactions brought excitement to Madeline’s isolated and boring life.

Madeline’s nurse, Carla, finds out a way to get Olly into the house to meet Madeline face to face. After all the sanitizing measurements, he finally gets to meet his virtual friend and the girl he likes in person. And, with a little help from Carla, the young couple starts spending time together, realizing they are falling in love with each other.

A young adult novel about love and struggling with living no matter the adversities.
A young adult novel about love and struggling with living, no matter the adversities
Original image by goodreads.com, graphic by Haydee Vanegas

The young adult love story starts when Olly enters Madeline’s sanitized bubble. Olly becomes Madeline’s connection with the real world, and Madeline becomes Olly’s example of perseverance. Until one day, Madeline’s mother finds out that they have been seeing each other and cuts off their contact to protect her daughter. That is the first trial of many the young adult couple has to struggle with in the novel.

But it wouldn’t be fair if I spoil you the entire book, because this is a young adult novel you’ll really enjoy reading. So, instead of spoiling you, here are some reasons why you should go and read this young adult novel yourself:

  • The major plot twist: without revealing too much, I can tell you that this young adult novel has a huge plot twist you can not imagine. For that reason, the climactic part of the book is really overwhelming and intense.
  • The interesting elements: one of the best parts of the young adult novel is that combines unique elements to set up the novel’s world. There is not only an intense and realistic way of reporting, but since Madeline is an artist, the novel also has illustrations to go with it, making it feel like we are reading Madeline’s diary. So within the novel, we feel is Madeline herself that is just sharing her story with us.
  • The unique and real characters: If there is something that this young adult novel has, it is realism. Madeline is a realistic young woman that struggles with being sick and the consequences of living with a disease. Olly struggles too, with a toxic and abusive father. Madeline’s mother is not perfect either, and her character reminds us that parents are human, too.

As always, now it is up to you! This is a young adult novel to dive into and enjoy reading. This is one of those novels that make you learn and become more aware of many things, but also a young adult novel with an amazing love story to get some endorphins!