Fangirl is definitely a different young adult novel. The novel’s plot was fresh when was released, and this romance novel stills being a unique story. If you are a fangirl, this romance novel is the perfect young adult book to read.

Fangirl: a young adult novel with a unique story.
Fangirl: a young adult novel with a unique story.
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Fangirl is a young adult romance fictional novel. The book was published in 2013, written by Rainbow Rowell. In Fangirl, we follow Cath’s life, a lifelong dedicated fangirl. Cath, like many of us, is a fangirl of a fictional series. For this young woman, being a fangirl is her entire lifestyle, and also her passion.

Fangirl, a young adult novel about the unique world of being a fangirl.
Fangirl, a young adult novel about the unique world of being a fangirl.
Original Photo from
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

In this novel, Cath has a twin sister who used to be a fangirl of the series but separates as she grows older. So, when Cath, starts freshmen year in a University with her twin, Wren, the twins grow more distant due to their because different interests.

Cath is struggling with social anxiety and writing her romance fanfiction, instead of living a romance tale. While her twin, Wren, is making new friends and partying. Through the novel, we follow how Cath’s fanfiction novel is actually a masterpiece. Cath is there to show us that being a fangirl doesn’t have to be related to a certain age.

In the novel, when Cath starts the university and her twin separates from her, she has to share a room with another girl. While the Cath feels like she doesn’t fit in that world and completely dedicates to her famous fanfiction, she meets her roommate and the girl’s boyfriend. Her roommate and her charming boyfriend, then become the fangirl’s only support while struggling.

But, in the novel, Cath finds that her roommate’s boyfriend, Levi, falls in love with her. Levi becomes the fangirl’s support and company when she is more lonely than ever.

Levi falls in love with the fangirl that wrote that magical fanfiction. And he even stays there for her, even if it is just to listen to one of those novel fanfictions he used to complain about.

Fangirl is definitely an unique story. This novel has a story that we all can all relate too. If you are a fangirl, this is a novel that will make you reflect on the entire situation of being yourself. Through this novel, you will feel proud of who you are and realize that is ok to be different.