The coronavirus has affected all aspects of the American economy. Learn how the River Oaks Bookstore stayed afloat while still providing quality service.

River Oaks Bookstore
River Oaks Bookstore Storefront. Photo by River Oaks Bookstore.

The circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak have made everything difficult. One of the major effects has been on the American economy, with small businesses suffering the most.

Many businesses have adapted to this situation by either closing temporarily or getting innovative.

For the River Oaks Bookstore manager, Whitney Corson, however, it’s all about taking it “one day at a time.”

This Houston-based bookshop opened its doors in 1975. Its original owner, Jeanne Jard, passed on the ownership to her son Michael.

Jeanne still comes in four days a week and is the heart of this little bookstore.

– Whitney Corson, River Oaks Bookstore manager
River Oak Bookstore owner
Previous Bookstore owner, Jeanne Jard, and her son, Michael.
Photo by River Oaks Bookstore.

Forced to close its doors

The events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak forced many small and large businesses to close their doors temporarily.

River Oaks Bookstore was no exception.

The bookstore reached out to their customers via email and social media to inform them of the store’s temporary closing.

River Oaks Bookstore Note
River Oaks Bookstore Note

These limitations, however, were no match for River Oaks Bookstore’s innovative strategies.

The store continued to take orders and even offered curbside pickup. It also offered delivery services within Houston, and shipping options.

We placed as many books as we could in our storefront window when we noticed how many people were out walking, with signs telling them how to order.

Whitney Corson, River Oaks Bookstore manager

River Oaks Bookstore re-opens its doors

The bookstore re-opened its doors two weeks ago and continues to follow social-distancing guidelines.

While the non-contact purchasing options are still available, customers are also welcome to come into the store and browse their selection.

River Oaks Bookstore has made the necessary adjustments to ensure the safety of its customers and employees.

All of us on the staff wear face masks and wash both our hands and store surfaces frequently. Hand sanitizer is also stationed at the front and back of the store for the convenience of our customers and staff alike.

Whitney Corson, River Oaks Bookstore manager

Their hours have changed, and the store is now open from 10am to 5pm six days a week. For now, they remain closed on Sundays.

The bookstore also offers complimentary gift wrapping, 20% off on book club books, free cookies and coffee, and great advice on books.

Getting in touch with the store is easy, as they have social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There is also the River Oaks Bookstore website, where you can find staff picks, images of the store, and other information.