People may not recognize the name Adam Nevill at first. However, they may be familiar with the Netflix adaptation of his horror novel The Ritual. If you love Stephen King, you won’t want to miss out on this British horror author.

Stephen King fans won't want to miss out on Adam Nevill's horror writing.
Stephen King fans won’t want to miss out on Adam Nevill’s horror writing.

Adam Nevill is a British horror author with eleven titles to his name. His most popular novels are Last Days and, thanks to Netflix, The Ritual. Nevill’s work explores the eery and supernatural. With that, Stephen King horror-lovers who have yet to read Nevill are in for a treat.

Most of Nevill’s work is horror, although Lost Girl is more of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi tale. Overall, he brings a captivating creativity to his work. In the same spirit as Stephen King, Nevill’s spectres go beyond ghostly hauntings and cryptic sightings—they have an imaginative twist.

Nevill takes the typical macabre and infuses it with unique aspects of his own. More than just his horrific creatures, he keeps his characters and their struggles genuine. He also makes you feel as if you are in the same room as the protagonist.

One key factor in King’s work is his sense of place. King likes to build his world with incredible detail. In doing so, he sometimes adds significant length to the story. While his horror is in the same wheelhouse as Stephen King, Nevill’s pacing is different.

Adam Nevill's horror is page-turning, scary, and fresh.
Adam Nevill’s horror is page-turning, scary, and fresh.

He builds the world of London, a Scandinavian forest, or a quaint British seaside town with precision. He also does it without losing speed. Even reading Nevill’s 544 page horror work Last Days doesn’t feel like a drag. The story has thrills at the right times, and the plot keeps rolling. This is no dig at Stephen King, who is a gifted horror writer; nor is a lengthy story an awful thing.

Not everyone will enjoy every horror work by Nevill. Not everyone enjoys every horror work of Stephen King’s. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. For instance, the ending to Last Days felt somewhat abrupt to me. Others may disagree. Nonetheless, it was a novel I couldn’t put down. More than that, it made me want to sleep with the lights on.

Are you a horror fan looking for something new to read? Do you like Stephen King? Adam Nevill might be your guy. I’d recommend starting out with The Ritual. If you enjoy that, explore his other works. For bite-sized reads, he also has horror anthologies you can access for free digitally. Nevill’s work is in both digital and hard copy on Amazon.

Happy reading!