Most singers share their lives through songs. But some pop singers have gone further – writing or contributing to their memoirs about music and stardom.

Memoirs: 2 Biography Books From Pop Singers
Memoirs: 2 Biography Books From Pop Singers.

There is something about pop singers we all love. They are forceful and incredible entertainers. Also, pop singers are a tremendous example that success comes from a combination of talent and hard work. For that reason, the pop singer’s journey to stardom and success are stories that must be shared. But only a few of them dare to share their stories through memoirs.

Biographies and autobiographies have many great elements that make them a strong genre. Let’s start with the fact that they have realism. But also, every memoir is written because the story behind it must be shared. In the past, we have reviewed memoirs from World War II, and memoirs from North Korean defectors. Now, it is time for the stars! Here are the memoirs from two of the biggest pop singers of all time.

ME – a Memoir About the King of Pop-Rock

ME, A Memoir from the King of Pop-Rock
ME, A Memoir from the King of Pop-Rock.

Elton John is a true music icon from the last and present century. He is not just another pop singer; he is also a composer and a brilliant songwriter. Elton John’s talent and voice were crucial in making him a true icon that revolutionized the pop/rock genre. But also, his personality and independence made him a legend. That is why this pop singer’s journey through stardom has been a must-share story.

In 2019, this pop singer decided to go further when he published his memoir. An official and realistic autobiography in which he shares his life from when he was a shy little boy to being a vastly popular worldwide pop icon. Elton John also goes deep into his life by sharing not only his bright side but also his shadows and the struggles that being a superstar brought. Including his experience as one of the first openly LGBTQ+ community members. And the construction of his unique eccentric lifestyle.

One of the things I loved about Elton John’s memoir is that it is not just another autobiography from a pop star. No. This pop legend shows off the fantastic writer he is by having a unique and inspiring way to share his story. In his memoir, Elton John combines all the elements and situations that made him who he is and shares them proudly. Also, he touches upon his drug addiction and the process of healing and getting clean. This is a book to which many people can relate and be inspired.

The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story – a Memoir From the King of Pop

The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story, a Memoir From the King of Pop
The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story – a Memoir From the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. He wasn’t only a talented man with an incredible voice. Michael Jackson went further by being a hard-working and creative pop star. He was probably one of those few singers who immersed himself so deeply into the entire process of being an artist. He was a dancer, a choreographer, a producer, and an actor. But this pop singer was also involved in directing and creating his music videos. The King of Pop was an eccentric and creative artist and human.

But the King of Pop was also possibly one of the most controversial and enigmatic pop singers of all time. Michael Jackson was a reserved person. This pop singer preferred being seen as an artist instead of having people focused on his personal life. But that only made his private life something even more attractive to the media. That is why his only official memoir is the one to which he was a contributor.

J. Randy Taraborrelli wrote Michael Jackson’s unique official memoir, with Michael. This biography is so much more than a memoir; it is complete and fantastic research work. The memoir’s author worked with the pop singer to reunite all his memorable moments, and aspects from his dramatic and eccentric personal life .

These two memoirs from pop singers have many elements in common to highlight. We could start by saying that someone needs to be strong and brave to share so many deep and personal life histories. But also, these memoirs show that pop stars do not have a perfect and dream experience. Conversely, being a pop singer, also means pain, struggle, and hard work.

If you are a massive fan of pop culture, as I am, I recommend you read these two memoirs because this is a realistic and personal way to get to know those Kings we all respect and love.