Grab your Camp Half-Blood t-shirts—we’re meeting Percy Jackson all over again.

Ready to ride back into the Percy Jackson universe?
Ready to ride back into the Percy Jackson universe?
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If the Percy Jackson series dominated your middle school bookshelves, I’ve got great news. A brand new series is coming to the small screen!

You heard me right! Soon, you can binge-watch Percy’s adventures straight from the comfort of your couch.

Just a few days ago, Riordan shared a snapshot of the Percy Jackson pilot episode.
Rick Riordan is writing a Percy Jackson pilot episode!

Riordan partnered with Disney+ to create this series. So, if you’re like me and don’t have a subscription to the popular streaming service—get on that!

Though I am excited to see Percy, Grover, and Annabeth on-screen again, I’m hesitant. Remember when the original Percy Jackson movies came out? Remember feeling so excited about entering the movie theater? And leaving with… bitter disappointment?

Logan Lerman’s wry humor couldn’t save that dumpster fire (a satyr dancing to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face? Really?)

Though, I will say. Uma Thurman played a killer Medusa! No pun intended. 

Uma Thurman in the first Percy Jackson movie.
Uma Thurman in the first Percy Jackson movie.
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I wonder which stars will take up the Percy Jackson torch. At 28, Lerman is a touch too old to play a 14-year-old demigod. Though, it’s rumored that he might appear as a cameo in the series. That is reason enough for me to tune in!

Are you excited about the Percy Jackson reboot? Are you happy that it’s a TV show instead of a blockbuster movie?

Who do you want to play as these beloved characters? Which Percy Jackson book is your favorite from the series? (Personally, The Titan’s Curse holds a special place in my heart). Let me know in the comments!