Literature is irreplaceable. Here at Aroono, we love to discuss its significance- to us and to society. Here are my top 3 book articles from last week

Top 3 articles: June 8th-June 13th.

1. 7 Great Fiction Books by Black Female Authors by Ally Kutz

Quote by Ally Kutz

With the current climate in the United States, this is an important read. Ally gives us 7 fiction books written by Black female authors. These include real life experiences, as well as fictionalized accounts.

2. 4 Civil War Books I Want to Read in June by Michael Hill

Quote by Michael Hill

The Civil War devastated America, but through it, we have some pretty amazing stories. In his article, Michael gives us 4 novels to expand our knowledge. He shows us battles, generals, a female medal of honot recipient, and president Lincoln.

3. 6 Book Giveaways You Don’t Want to Miss in June by Stephanie Stott

Quote by Stephanie Stott

Who doesn’t love free books? In this article, Stephanie shows us 6 goodreads giveaways! Along with a summary of each book, she tells us when the giveaways end and the links to enter! I may have entered a couple myself.