More great articles were written in the book section last week! We traveled back in time to World War 2, the Civil War, and to reminisce on the last 10 years. We also looked at quotes and lessons learned. In no particular order, here are my top three articles.

Top 3 book articles of the week.
Photo from Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

1. 8 Book Quotes That Will Inspire Readers by Simbiat Ayoola

Quote by Simbiat Ayoola

Books hold so many great quotes-funny, inspirational, or creative. In this article, Simbiat gives us eight inspirational quotes from books. I personally love quotes, and this article gave me more to write down in my quote journal.

2. 10 Young Adult Books That Are Turning 10 This Year by Ally Kutz

Quote from Ally Kutz

There is nothing like books that remind us of our childhoods. Ally weaves young adult novels turning 10 this year back into our memories. I forgot about some of these, but I read quite a few myself.

3. 3 Civil War Books I Want to Read: July 2020 by Michael Hill

Quote by Michael Hill

In my opinion, the Civil War is one of the most intriguing periods in American history. In this article, Michael explains history in the context of novels being released in July, 2020. Check out a new period, a new story, or a new perspective with a book from this list!