Last week’s articles were full of news, book reviews, and characters we all hold dear. Here are three of my favorites from last week.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

1. 3 Reasons Why Marie Kondo’s New Book Is Awesome by Ashley Paramo

Quote by Ashley Paramo

I will be the first to admit: I hold onto items with no value. I am way too sentimental, and don’t like to give anything away. My heart broke a little with the thought of giving away any of my books.

Ashley Paramo did a wonderful job of reviewing this book. After her three reasons Joy at Work is awesome, I may have to pick up a copy. I love the concept of reducing both digital and physical clutter.

2. 3 Harry Potter Podcasts All Fans Should Listen To by Ally Kutz

Quote by Ally Kutz

I am a dieheart Harry Potter fan. Like many of us, I was raised on the books, anticipantly waiting for each movie release.

If there is any way to hold on to the Harry Potter magic, I am 1000% for it! In her article, Ally Kutz gives us three podcasts that perfectly capture the Harry Potter magic we all crave.

3. 10 Horror Book Covers That Will Terrify You by Stephanie Stott

Quote by Stephanie Stott

I am not a horror genre fan. But, these book covers delievered on their promise. Stephanie Stott has given us more cleverly designed book covers. But, these will definitely make you second guess the shadow in the corner. And, want to sleep with the lights on.