Book Aroono is continuing to grow, and the articles are getting better and better. Here is a peak at my top 3 articles from last week.

Book Aroono’s articles are getting better and better!
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1. The Latest Eragon Book is Disappointing: Here’s Why by Stephanie Stott

Quote by Stephanie Stott

Once I heard “new” and “Christopher Paollini”, I instantly wanted to read this. Unlike most of Aroono’s book reviews, this one wasn’t entirely positive.

I, for one, am sad but appreciate the article’s honesty. The review is done with finesse and ends with a hopeful tone for future novels.

And trust me-I still want to be a dragon rider myself. Absolutely no judgment here! Well done Stephanie!

2. 5 Overused Character Tropes in Books by Simbiat Ayoola

Quote by Simbiat Ayoola

Overused character tropes can affect a reader two ways: ugh or ooh. In her article, Simbiat Ayoola discusses the top 5 overused character tropes: chosen one, wise old man/mentor, evil overlord, secret heir, and reluctant hero. I love the personal opinions throughout this article.

Read the descriptions and let us know what your favorite is!

3. 5 Amazing Books That Double As Travel Guides by Ally Kutz

Quote by Ally Kutz

If you know me, you know I love books and travel. When you combine the two, it’s a winning combination.

Well researched information and personal experience fill this article. Travel from Vegas to Machu Picchu, Australia to New Zealand. Spain to Egypt.

Check out Ally’s recommendations if you plan to take an adventure!

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