Due to social distancing, more and more people are beginning to discover ways to make some extra cash right from the comfort of their own homes.

Person in blue denim jeans using MacBook Pro
Person in blue denim jeans using MacBook Pro
Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Whether we already have jobs or not, we should all consider adding a remote, flexible job into our schedule. That’s right; it won’t have to be a part of your daily routine like a traditional 9-5 job. That is the beauty of working from home.

More so, this unprecedented time has shown us how essential it is to have multiple streams of income, or at least, one other thing you can fall back onto when times get tough. It is no question that having some sort of side gig helps even if you’re just looking to save for your next vacation. If setting your own schedule and being your own boss is your thing, then this is definitely worth the shot!

There are many ways to earn by working online. The processes and requirements to get started are not as complicated as you may think! To get an idea of how easy it can be, here are just 3 of the many ways you can start taking advantage of your laptop in exchange for enjoyable work and extra money.

Teach English as a Second Language

Apple on top of four books
Apple on top of four books
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There are always going to be people out there who want or need to learn another language, and English happens to be one of them. To teach English online, many companies or schools typically require a TEFL/TESOL certification and a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Some, however, only require one or the other. You may be surprised to find that a few job postings just want you to be a native or fluent speaker of the language. 

Speaking of language, if English isn’t your thing, you can also find teaching positions for other languages! You won’t believe how many jobs are posted each day looking for teachers or tutors to help students learn or improve on their desired language! It is also very rewarding. On top of that, many of these positions are super flexible so you can often have your own time slots for when you’re available to teach lessons. So it is a great idea if you cannot commit to a specific set time.

 Yellow sticky notes
Yellow sticky notes
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All you need is a little inspiration, passion, and motivation to complete an online certification program, which takes a few weeks. This is not required, but will help you greatly in your applications. Plus, getting certified is always a good idea because there is always something to learn and more strategies to implement and use once you get the job.

If you’re looking for an internationally accredited online program to earn a TEFL/TESOL certification, check out ITT  (International TEFL and TESOL LTD)! I’m actually currently taking the course and it’s great with its structured modules, assignments, and tutors ready to help if you need it! An online teaching job such as teaching a language is a good idea if you are looking for flexibility, room for professional growth, and enhancement of your current skills.

Data Entry

Black and grey laptop computer
Black and grey laptop computer
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Do you enjoy using computers and data programs? Are you good with paying attention to detail, staying organized, and meeting deadlines? Then a data entry position may be the right fit for you! There are many different data entry jobs out there that would allow you to put your keyboard and accuracy skills to work.

Data entry typically consists of entering and updating information to various databases. There are job postings in which a company may require a bachelor’s degree but that is not always the case. It usually depends on the company or industry. A good tip is to aim for an industry you’re interested in. That way, you will find yourself more engaged and get to learn more about the industry as you do the work. In addition to that, you would be able to add to your skills and experiences within your specific or desired field of work. With that, you can perhaps have a step up towards reaching your ultimate or long-term career goals.

Some data entry positions to consider include data entry clerk, transcriptionist, and typist. Generally, with data entry positions, you don’t necessarily need to use critical thinking or problem-solving skills to complete your job duties. So data entry is great because you just need to follow specific guidelines and nothing more, allowing almost anyone to apply and get hired. You also have a diverse range of options to choose from if you decide to give data entry a try!


Flat screen TV showing video editing program.
Flat-screen TV showing video editing program.
Photo by Wahid Khene on Unsplash

Editing is such a broad field. Many people think of video editing when they hear the term. However, editing consists of content editing, copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing, stylistic editing, photo editing, and more! There is a lot to think about to figure out which position may be a good fit.

It’s no surprise that editing is important. You won’t believe how many freelance editors companies hire to make sure their content is clear, concise, accurate, and most importantly, communicate the intended message. Think about how many projects need editors to fact check, evaluate, and review before publication. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork have many editing services available for you to provide for clients. And that’s just editing written content, what about all the other types of editing positions you could land?

If looking over written content isn’t your cup of tea, try video or photo editing. Sometimes there is an editing test when applying for editing jobs but don’t let that freak you out! Employers just want to make sure that candidates have some knowledge or skill in the field before having them join their team. From my experience, I have really understood just how many different editing positions are out there. After trying out editing photos, videos, copyediting text, and proofreading, I found that I loved proofreading most. So, it may be best to try out different areas of editing to find what you’re best at or what you enjoy most. Don’t be discouraged after just one or two editing positions!

Now you should have a better idea of just how many opportunities there are out there for you to make some extra money from the comfort of your own home. It just starts with a little push and encouragement to begin your online job search journey. The next time you wish you had more in your savings account, consider taking on a side hustle and join the many other folks who are taking advantage of these opportunities.