Transhuman Technology In The Church Part II

God offers a historical account of transhuman technology in the Bible. Should the Christian church learn from Biblical history?

What does God say about the history of transhumanism
technology in the Christian church?
What does God say about the history of transhumanism technology?
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The History of Transhumanism According to the Bible

Genesis 6 explains why God destroyed the earth with a flood. It expresses God’s view of transhumanism technology and explains that angels left their positions to procreate with humans. They weren’t made by God. This procreation created a hybrid called Nephilim or giant. The Bible tells of giants in Canaan. There were also Philistine giants, and Nimrod “the mighty one.” Nimrod built the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:4-7 KJV).

The Tower of Babel wasn’t a skyscraper. It’s believed to have been stargate technology through which Nimrod could access heaven and become God. So, God confused the languages and dispersed the population over the world. In 2 Samuel 23:20, Benjamin slew two lion-men (chimera). The Jewish historical book Jash, not the Bible, tells of historical chimera in section 36:28-32. Chimeras were created by genetic tampering so God destroyed all chimera in the flood.

On transhumanism, humanity is becoming numb to the possibility that it is evil. People are conditioned to accept the changes that technology is bringing. Scientists and universities are playing God by tampering with genetic codes. The reason is to create hybrids–chimeras similar to what ancient humanity created.

The Christian church and transhuman technology.
The Christian church and transhuman technology.
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The Christian Church’s Stance on Transhuman Technology

Christians are on both sides of the fence concerning transhuman technology. Micah Redding believes that improving the physical body is positive. He believes it is godly. Redding backs his claim by explaining that humanity is a moral state. Since humanity is not a physical state, transhumanism is living out God’s will.

Meanwhile, the evangelical church believes that transhumanism technology is another attempt to play god. The idea of becoming superhuman is the bedrock of broken humanity trying to perfect itself. It is a repeat of the technology used to create transhuman hybrids in the earlies centuries. The evangelical church, and many Christian theologians, see transhumanist technology as dangerous.

Many Christians raise the question of evil in transhumanist technology. For instance, concerning original sin, can a transhuman be saved? God created man in His image. Does the transhumanist step outside the laws of grace? God destroyed the earth once for genetic manipulation. Why does the Church ignore it today? It is time for the Christian church to defend Christian doctrine. It’s time to take a stand for God.

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