Have you ever reached down during a workout to touch your toes and felt a twinge in your back telling you maybe that’s not a good idea for you to do right now?

Rowing is a great form of workout for your body.
Rowing is a great form of workout for your body.
Photo by Kyle Kranz on Unsplash

Yeah, I’ve had those days too. There was one time I finished going to Orange Theory Fitness, had a fantastic workout and jogged out to the car, hopped in, and… pop! My hamstring! It didn’t come loose or anything as I’m sure that pop! might have made you think it did. But the noise made me think it did, and it made me rethink rowing for a few weeks after that.

As I’ve said before, I’m 40-ish (can I wiggle a little there?) and yes I know that’s middle-aged, but now’s about the time when your body gives you comeuppance for what you’ve neglected to take care of all your life, or perhaps it’s just starting to fall apart in some places that weren’t well glued together by Mother Nature in the first place. Whatever it is, we learn that age and exercise are something we need to be forgiving of as we move forward.

I’ve spoken on forgiveness in weight loss and your body. However, I didn’t address the workout. This is something I have come to love (slowly) over the past year, starting out with walking and then moving towards weights, and then into Orange Theory Fitness. My husband has done most of it with me but doesn’t want to pay the price for a coach to yell at him for 60 minutes to work out, so we parted ways there.

I don’t blame him, some days the only person I want yelling at me is myself as I ask myself what I’m doing while doing a workout.

My destination is getting somewhere healthier, to a better me. I’m only figuring this out later in life and I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that are the same. Or perhaps you’re younger and just have a hard time getting motivated to workout. Let me motivate you.

My point is, start a workout routine for yourself. Yes, I know. It’s gross and sweaty, and it really takes a lot of effort to workout. Not so glamorous. But neither is being in the doctor’s office with multiple health problems later in life or downing 12 pills for conditions that might have been preventable with eating reasonably well and exercise.

I hate sweating and the dreaded workout. But I love my husband, and my dogs and I want to stick around for them as long as possible. But I love to eat. Even if it’s just taking an extra loop around the neighborhood with the dogs to get another 3k steps in, that’s still getting a bit of a workout to have that donut and be okay.

Having a good workout in the form of a walk with your dog is an excellent way to get steps in.
Having a good workout in the form of a walk with your dog is an excellent way to get steps in.
Photo by Dariusz Grosa from Pexels

So get up, take a walk to get in a good workout. You don’t have to go hard core and start running, nor do you suddenly have to become an expert at the all-out workout. And be forgiving of yourself if you can’t do it right away.

The only time you fail is when you don’t get back up after falling down. You’ll fall down a few times, and that’s okay. Get back up, dust yourself off, and take that moment of failure as a moment of learning.