Diet or a lifestyle change? Let’s talk about that and see if we can come to a more peaceful resolution, while determining their place in your life.

Dancing the funky chicken made possible by a lifestyle change early on.
Dancing the funky chicken made possible by a lifestyle change early on.

Diets are a thing we deal with all the time. However, we see them as just that, diets. Something that we can just give up on if we don’t lose weight fast enough or if the food on it just isn’t as tasty as that pizza we’re craving.

A lifestyle change is a step in changing your life for the rest of your life. When you focus on just a few minor changes at a time, you can make healthy habits that last a lifetime.

I know that I struggle with diets; I give them up all too easy and then fall off the wagon so far that I don’t even know where the horses have gone. That’s why I think of it more as a lifestyle change and not a diet.

This isn’t something I’m doing until I lose weight, it’s something I do for the rest of my life because I want to be healthier.

How my lifestyle change started

I saw myself in a full-length mirror at a conference and thought to myself, that can’t be me, who is this person? There’s nothing wrong with being overweight—live fiercely, and live proud of your body. If you look good that way, rock it and let no one tell you otherwise.

But that day I walked into my doctor’s office and she looked me in the eye and told me I had to get my act together with my lifestyle or meet an early grave because of high cholesterol and heart disease, shook me. Why it took that to get me into gear I don’t know, but it did and here I stand 60 pounds lighter and still going, for my husband and I to dance that funky chicken at our 50th wedding anniversary.

Your aha! moment for that lifestyle change

Sometimes we all need that oh crap moment to make a lifestyle change, something that really strikes us as a moment of insight that hits you so hard that you realize if you don’t do something with your lifestyle that you will not come out of the situation the same person, or in my case, possibly alive. Sometimes that happens early in our lives, and sometimes it happens late in our lives.

Finding your insight, your why moment, that oh crap moment doesn’t always hit you like mine did or as nicely. Sometimes it’s in a near-death experience that really shakes you to the core before you change your lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes make for a brighter future with your family in mind.
Lifestyle changes make for a brighter future with you and your family in mind.

A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.

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A lifestyle change of eating right and exercise, while daunting to most, is something you can start out with slowly and don’t have to go cold turkey with. I started out with eating better on Weight Watchers, losing weight first, and then started exercising with Orange Theory Fitness. Though with the more strenuous exercises you should listen to your body as I had to with mine, especially when first starting out.

Start now while you can, don’t wait for that aha, oh crap, moment to have a lifestyle change. You’ll thank yourself and this form of self-care will lead you into your future much healthier and happier than you are now.